Hoofin' It

Lethal Injection

Human Devolution

Is it possible that our species has entered a stage of devolution

Fire Escape

I'm disabled, and I wouldn't want someone risking their life carrying me down so many flights.

How to be a Refugee

What's the easiest way to get your money out of the country in advance?

Clowning Around

For months police have been wading through report after report of suspicious characters in white face paint, floppy shoes and the like lurking, peeping and accosting children.

Opium Bomb

We can't just go around unloading death from above on everyone and everything we don't like. Or at least we shouldn't.

Claim to Shame

Has the United States ever had a presidential candidate who said things as outrageous as Donald Trump has this year?

Pet Palate

But do dogs and cats discern flavors, and given the choice, would they prefer Alpo or Cesar to dog crap or dead rats?

Down with DNA

Are these genes more common among migrants—for instance, the descendants of U.S. colonists, as compared to the population of the UK?

Got Guts?

Why do so many people in the U.S. only eat the muscles of food animals and not their organs?

Bad Blood

Where did all this crazy mythology surrounding blood types come from?

Diaper Change

The bladder-control biz expects to waterproof more geezers than tots within the decade

Rolling Roosevelt

Did FDR conceal his dependence on a wheelchair?
1944 footage of FDR rolling onboard the U.S.S. Baltimore surfaced three years ago.

What the Hill?

Why do so many Americans dislike Hillary Clinton?
Why do so many Americans dislike Hillary Clinton? It seems to predate her time as secretary of state or even as senator. Does it have something to do with her husband's two terms in the White House?


Has all of the drinkable water on the planet passed through a dinosaur at some point?
A friend says all of the drinkable water on the Earth has passed through dinosaur kidneys.

Bulk Cargo Carcasses

Is there a better way to ship and deliver bulk cargo than steel shipping containers?
For the past year or so, steel shipping containers have been piling up on every vacant commercial lot in every town in America, offered for sale or lease.


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