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(No) new info on the benefits of fasting

Play It Straight

Why are gay people attracted to the same sex who look like the opposite sex?

Frosty Flatus

Not-So-Dark Ages

Were the Dark Ages really that bad?
After watching a movie about the crusades (Kingdom of Heaven), a friend and I got into a debate about how bad the Dark Ages really were. My friend seemed convinced that during the Dark Ages all scient

Easy Breezy

When does the windmill become both financially and carbon-footprint cost-effective?
As I drive through the fruited plains, I see more and more windmills twisting in the breeze. These behemoths got me to thinking: Taking into account the carbon cost of production, transport and assembly, when does the windmill


Do fonts matter?
Do fonts matter? That is, do they affect a reader’s perception of written material? I’m asking not so much about the extremes (e.g., a large font for headlines), but more about the emotional or psychological impact

Gut Busting

Shouldn't the probiotic colony you've established be self-sustaining?
I’ve been hearing a lot about probiotics lately. I can see where the concept might be a good idea, but I have one question: After you’ve taken a probiotic supplement and established a colony of good bacteria in your


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