What the Hill?

Why do so many Americans dislike Hillary Clinton?


Has all of the drinkable water on the planet passed through a dinosaur at some point?

Bulk Cargo Carcasses

Is there a better way to ship and deliver bulk cargo than steel shipping containers?

Fan Tribute Storage

Who gets Prince's possessions?
Something like this seems to happen whenever a major celebrity dies. What happens to these items? Does the family take the stuff? Do other fans eventually take it? Does the city?

Bugged Out

Why are humans so afraid of insects?
Why are humans so afraid of insects?

Sea Change

Who will profit from climate change?
Now that the sea levels are rising, I'm sure someone out there is already thinking of ways of making a few quid/bucks (not that I'm interested myself).

Tabloid Libel

Why haven't tabloid newspapers been sued out of existence?
I'm curious why tabloids haven't been sued out of existence. I do recall Carol Burnett getting a bit of remuneration for the heartache they caused her some years back, but surely there can't be so much apathy that celebrities will permit almost anything to be said about their lives. Maybe it's a subtle form of blackmail: "At least if they say I'm in rehab, they aren't exposing my extramarital affairs."

Nuclear Cruise Ships

Why not make large ships, like cruise ships and cargo transports, nuclear-powered?
Modern ships run on fuel—a lot of fuel. Why not make large ships, like cruise ships and cargo transports, nuclear-powered?

Solar Power

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the planet-killer device absorbs the sun to do its dirty work.

Cannibalism:Yea or Nay?

Why is Cannibalism not a valid option?
Your column of September 23, 1988, addresses whether cannibalism is routinely practiced anywhere and concludes it is not.

Umbrella Politics

Did Obama not get the memo? Or is he a secret Chamberlain fan?
I remember reading somewhere that world leaders never hold their own umbrella for fear of identification with Neville Chamberlain

Big Boom

What's the loud sound on Tuesday mornings in D.C. in the fall?
Since April 2011, a mysterious deep, echoing, boom has been heard every Tuesday morning, spring through fall, throughout northwest Washington, D.C. It's always the same noise, between 6:30 and 8 a.m., and seems to originate from the south, likely across the Potomac River.

The Infamous Rothschilds

Do the Rothschilds secretly own almost every central bank in the world?
I had a friend recently try to explain to me that the Rothschild family secretly own almost every central bank in the world and use their power to influence world events.


Do cigarette filters provide any benefits to the smoker?
Do cigarette filters provide any benefits to the smoker, or were they simply created by the tobacco companies to make customers think they were addressing the health risks of smoking?


Why is polygamy still illegal?
In this brave new (Western) world of marriage equality, why is polygamy still illegal?

Politicians' Intelligence

Are politicians dumber than everyone else?
Most politicians seem dumb as doorknobs and the current lot even more than usual.

Bison Wars

Did the U.S. government intentionally starve the American Indians to death by slaughtering the bison?
One thing's for sure: The latter half of the 19th century wasn't such a hot time to be an American bison. The animals' numbers, in the tens of millions when Europeans arrived on the continent, plunged to fewer than 400 before the end of the 1800s, with the worst of it coming between 1870 and 1883.

Mosquitoes, Mo' Problems

What would be the effect on our ecosystem if we could somehow wipe out Mosquitoes.
Malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, chikungunya and now Zika.


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