Cloud Control

How secure is the cloud?

Grave Concern

How old do human remains have to be before digging them up is OK?

Attack Lads

Has a study been done on elections where fear/hate is the motivator?

Urine Trouble

Does drug testing work?
When I interview for a professional job, the company usually has me sign a statement saying drug use is against company policy. Yet when I apply for a low-wage job they want to test me for drug use. What gives?

Shale Game

Could the national debt be paid off by converting oil-shale deposits in Utah into oil and selling it on the market?
I've heard the current national debt could easily be paid off by converting oil-shale deposits in Utah and Colorado into oil and selling it on the market. Is there any truth to this?

Vax Facts

What are the real costs of vaccinations?
The Jenny McCarthy contingent is going on about the risks of vaccinations, but absent from this discussion is any consideration of the risk of the diseases.

Farm Fresh

Would it be possible to feed America without factory farms?
I get the argument against the inhumane conditions of animals in factory farms. But, would it even be possible to feed all 320 million Americans (let alone the world) without them?

The W-Word

Can war only be declared between nations?
As far as I can tell, nations have stopped formally declaring war since the end of World War II. But can war only be declared between nations?

Deep Thoughts

How deep do sovereign boundaries run?
I was watching G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and these government types taking a prisoner to an underground facility in a former East German mine shaft made some comment about how they'd gone so deep ...

Bad Medicine

Is there any medical value in Dr. Mengele's experiments?
I once heard that Dr. Mengele's experiments were medicine's "dirty little secret": Modern medical science had gained from his atrocities, but such a fact couldn't be made public.

What Is the Present?

How does the human brain perceive the length of the present?
It's pretty easy for me to reflect on the past or dream about the future, but what is the present? How does the human brain perceive the length of the present? Do we live only in the present, or is part of us always in the past and part in the future?

Brainy Blues

Can intelligence cause depression?
I consider myself a smart person, but why are smart people so negative? We constantly ask, "What's the point? Why are we here?"—questions with pretty depressing answers, if you ask me.

Revenue vs. Robocars

No more speeding tickets, no more money?
I've been waiting for autonomous cars to become a reality. But I'm wondering how much revenue will be lost when there are no more speeding tickets, traffic violations, parking violations or probably quite a few other kinds of fines that I haven't even considered.

Legal Love

Will legalized prostitution always just be a Las Vegas thing?
Prostitution has been legal in Las Vegas for some time. What's the verdict on legal prostitution? Gay marriage and marijuana use have become accepted. Will legal prostitution always just be a Vegas thing?

The Apps Trap

Why do companies want so much of your personal information?
I have noticed that many apps, the one for the History Channel in particular, want access to my camera, pictures and phone records. What in God's name do they want with that information? And why are they allowed to even ask?

Still Testing

Is animal testing still prevalent?
My wife read on Facebook about businesses still testing their products on animals. She tried to find out through Google how true this is, but she couldn't get any really clear idea of who was doing what.

Vitamin IQ

Where are the rest of the vitamins?
Simple question here: There are vitamins called A, B, C, D, E and K. But what happened to vitamins F, G, H, I and J?

Dirty Money

How filthy are dollars, really?
My mother always asked us to wash our hands after touching money whenever possible. But is money really so out-and-out filthy that you risk serious illness every time you hand over cash at a drive-thru and then eat your burger?


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