Mama Trauma

What is the impact of a traumatic event on human development?


Does advertising work?

All Tied Up

What's the deal with knots?

Mod Meals

What's the story on GMO foods?
What's the story on genetically modified organism (GMO) foods? I'm exposed to a nearly constant stream of horror stories of cancerous death caused by evil GMOs, often including terrifying photos of rats with fist-sized tumors.

Brute Force

Are there are confirmed occurrences of dolphin-human rape?
A friend of mine supposedly saw an instance of a dolphin attempting to rape a human on National Geographic. While I'm not accusing NG of faulty research, they aren't nearly the font of knowledge you are.

Thought Experiments

How many sponges to absorb the Pacific Ocean?
always wanted to go to Hawaii, but since I can't afford a plane ticket, I'm planning on walking there. How many 3-inch-by-4-1/2-inch sponges will I need to pack to absorb the Pacific Ocean?

Fast Track

(No) new info on the benefits of fasting
Looks like your column on the benefits of fasting may be in need of an update! “We could not predict that prolonged fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting stem cell-based regeneration of the hematopoietic system,” says university professor Valter Longo, co-author of a new study on the subject. The hippies may have been on to something after all.

Play It Straight

Why are gay people attracted to the same sex who look like the opposite sex?
Why is it so many gay people are attracted to those of the same sex who look like the opposite sex?

Frosty Flatus

In the midst of a below-zero cold spell, my significant other and I were discussing the sources of humidity in our home that resulted in frost on the windows. He said breath. I said farts were also a factor.


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