Wreckin' the Decks

8 can't-miss celebrity DJ sets happening during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Gay? No Way!

8 new reality TV shows in development to follow My Husband's Not Gay

Shape Up!

8 ways to stick to your fitness resolutions in the New Year

Buh-Bye 2014

In memorium: 8 people and things we lost in 2014
The sanctity of the list—damn you, Buzzfeed!

The Gray Agenda

8 helpful catchphrases for local weathermen to describe Utah's mostly snowless winter
8. "Moist Ahoy!" ...

Nope for Christmas

8 excuses for not visiting family over the holidays
8. Work for the godless Liberal Media cranking out lists in a sweatshop ...

Text Crimes

8 texting acronyms every parent should know
8. CNN ("Mom's watching a news report on teen texting—LOL!") ...

Becker III

8 campaign slogans for Ralph Becker's third Salt Lake City mayoral run
8. "Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 30 Incomprehensible Bike Lanes Ago?" ...

Black Friday Shopping Tips

8 Black Friday shopping tips
8. Don't make friends in line overnight; you may have to step over their lifeless bodies for an Xbox One ...

Christmastime in the City

9 great uber-local gifts left out of Gift Guide
9. Commemorative tour of The Lone Ranger's Utah filming locations, given by Colin Wolf, $9.99

Crowdfunded New Year

8 Kickstarter campaigns for attractions to replace Salt Lake City's New Year's Eve fireworks
8. A giant disco ball ($50,000) ...

Threat Level E

8 dangers more imminent in your everyday life than Ebola
8. That you just had to look up the word "imminent." ...

Trick or Trick

8 items local children may be getting in their trick-or-treat bags this Halloween
8. Expired Pedigree Dentastix ...

Zero-Star Scares

8 lowest-rated local haunted houses and Halloween attractions on Yelp
8. Kirk Cameron's House of 1,000 Agnostics ...


8 least-used dating services and websites
8. Settling For You ...

Nice Day for a Gay Wedding

8 expenses that added up to $600,000 in Utah's battle against same-sex marriage
8. Gov. Herbert's weekly hot-oil massages from muscular young men to ease stress ($30,000) ...

Cheap Exhibitionism

8 budget alternatives to the new Body Worlds & the Cycle of Life exhibit
Orrin Hatch Reanimated ...

Master Debaters

8 criteria candidates must meet to be considered by the Utah Debate Commission
8.Must not be a third-party candidate, as they have no chance of winning. 7. Must not be a Democrat, as they have no chance of ... whoops ... [Delete]


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