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Do Your (Other) Job

Eight temporary private-sector jobs for future Utah guv Jason Chaffetz:

Eco Chamber

Eight ways to celebrate Earth Day 2017.

Easter? Barely Knew Her

Eight fun factoids about Easter.

Hardly Art

Eight Utah “state works of art” that deserve as much designation as the Spiral Jetty
Lucky 13’s “Big Benny” burger, if size is a qualifier.

Orrin 4 Life

Eight campaign slogans for Sen. Orrin Hatch’s run for an eighth term
“To Regularity and Beyond!”

Thumb This

Eight review systems considered to replace Netflix’s 5-star ratings besides Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down.
Would Watch Again Sober/I Watched What?

Statewide Kilting Spree

Eight pros and cons of St. Patrick’s Day in Utah.
Con: President Cheeto will probably have it outlawed by then.

Celestial Suburbs

Eight Utah-sourced names for the seven planets of NASA’s recently discovered solar system:
6. Kolob Commons.

Sugarhood 2040

Eight Sugar House gentrification headlines from the year 2040.
“High-Rise Apartments Vacant for 20 Years Now Home to Radioactive Zombie Hives”

Outdoor Derailers

Eight Gov. Gary Herbert-endorsed conventions to replace Utah’s biannual Outdoor Retailer show:
Find out who wore it best in the annual BroDown Winter Cargo Shorts & Flip-Flops Pageant.

Fast Frankenfood

Eight new fast-food innovations coming soon to top Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa:
2. Carl’s Jr.’s Hot Carl Chile Verde 3-Way Burger.

Damned Grammys

Eight more artists boycotting the 2017 Grammy Awards besides Kanye West, Drake and Justin Bieber:
5. Meghan Trainor (literally disappeared from the planet after winning Best New Artist last year).

10 Years of This?

Eight fun factoids for the 10th anniversary of The Ocho:
Rumors that The Ocho is crafted by a secret team of writers are false. It would be waaay better.

Love, Factually

Eight—you knew this was coming—Alternative Facts:
The planet isn’t getting hotter; outer space is becoming cooler.


Eight hashtags to follow on Inauguration Day for President Donald Trump:

The Porn Identity

Eight adult films that triggered Utah Sen. Todd Weiler to sue for damages:
8. Bare Rears at Bears Ears: Furry Dudes’ Nature Campout ...

Get Pumped, Bro!

Eight gyms for semi-committed New Year’s Resolutioners in 2017
Pizzatheory Fitness (“All the Slices You Can Lift”)

Suck It, 2016

Eight tired phrases to leave behind in 2016 (and their 2017 replacements):
“Fam” and “Squad” (use instead: “Amalgamate” and “Reich”)


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