The Porn Identity

Eight adult films that triggered Utah Sen. Todd Weiler to sue for damages:

Get Pumped, Bro!

Eight gyms for semi-committed New Year’s Resolutioners in 2017

Suck It, 2016

Eight tired phrases to leave behind in 2016 (and their 2017 replacements):

Blue Xmas

Eight last-minute stocking-stuffers for the distraught Democrat in your life:
The West Wing Virtual Reality Experience, with VR glasses and President Jed Bartlet body pillow (Best Buy, $299).

Total Recount

Eight more recount campaigns to come from Jill Stein:
The Best Metal Performance 2017 Grammy nominations (“Korn? Seriously?”)

De-gift Guide

Eight local stores that went out of business before City Weekly’s Gift Guide was finished.
Voluminous Vixen Plus-Size Lingerie Boutique

Faking News

Eight ways to spot a “fake news” website
It features ads from dubious entities like “Get Rich Now!” “Russian Brides Are Waiting!” and “The Utah Democratic Party.”

No Thanks

Eight texts to get you out of spending Thanksgiving with your family
“Our popular vote said we’d come, but our electoral vote was a hard no. Sorry!”

Red, White & Screwed

Eight just-dropped protest songs for a new America:
“Not My Orange Hitler,” by Skinheads Who Can’t Even

We Called It!

Eight headlines prepared by City Weekly to cover all possible 2016 Election outcomes
“Utah to Secede Before Hillary Clinton is Sworn In”

Occupy Birdhouse

Eight proposed new reality shows for the acquitted Bundys and Oregon standoff defendants:
Eight proposed new reality shows for the acquitted Bundys and Oregon standoff defendants:

Rigging, Bigly

Eight ways to rig the 2016 election:
Untitled Document

Rocktober Rulez!

The eight indisputable rules of Rocktober, 2016 edition:
The eight indisputable rules of Rocktober, 2016 edition

Ooh, Spooky!

Behold the 8 scariest Halloween costumes of 2016.

Inflated Eccle Heckle

Eight relatively affordable shows coming to the new Salt Lake City Eccles Theater:

The Rest of the Best Ofs

Eight more bold, fresh ideas coming from The Salt Lake Tribune after their local “Best of” Salt Awards

Hooky for Prez

Eight ways the candidates might get out of the Sept. 26 presidential debate
I'm going to pretendica this all is just a dream.


Eight things Gov. Gary Herbert tells himself at bedtime:
"Sharknado 5 ... they're totally going to call any day now."


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