Summertime Drinkin' 

Eight new summertime drinks to serve at your next backyard party.

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8. The O-Town Triathlete (Jagermeister, Goldschlager and Gatorade)

7. Down the Orrin Hatch (vodka, Metamucil, ginkgo biloba and the blood of three virgins)

6. Magna Sunrise (tequila, orange juice and two fingers of opaque water)

5. Obamarama (promise fabulous drink, serve empty tumblers for 18 months)

4. Saltas Car Bomb (shot of Ouzo dropped in a glass of Crown Royal, with a Chelada chaser)

3. Arizona Iced Tea Party (gin, vodka, rum and triple sec, with a shot of tequila on its own damned side of the border)

2. Mo’jito (Martinelli’s sparking cider and Nyquil in a sacrament-cup shot)

1. The Ocho Sinko (whiskey, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, schnapps and rubbing alcohol, with a PBR tallboy chaser, served just before deadline)

Bill Frost:

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