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From what city do you do most of your bootlegging of liquor into Utah?

Bill Frost: I download most of my liquor on my new Apple iHooch.

Kathy Mueller: Costco in Reno. Duh!

Faith Burnham: I actually don’t bootleg any liquor. I only drink beer, and if I want something better than the liquor store has to offer, I just hit my dad up for his amazing homebrewed stuff!

Paula Saltas: Crete, Greece.

Ben Rosch: From Park City, I run a distillery out of an old mineshaft. Watch out! It’s like rocket fuel.

Susan Kruithof: Bootlegging liquor? Why on earth would I do that when there is just a plethora of wonderful and reasonably priced state liquor stores here in Utah. And with the price of gas? Seriously.

Valeri Tronier: From Sandy. My homie Shunk brews the finest beer in the valley right in his own back yard. Delicious, full point and free(ish)!

Brandon Burt: And all this time I thought they were talking about “snuggling” liquor. I’ve been curled up all week next to a cuddly single-malt.

Justin Healy: Malad, where Idaho begins. Just a short 10 minutes over the Idaho border. Don’t forget your lotto tickets.

Andrea Moore: I’m too lazy to get my liquor from any place other than our lovely state liquor stores.

Nathan Levinson: I have an intricate tunnel system that, somehow, always leads to China.

Scott Renshaw: I prefer not to do so, since I figure that by supporting our state-run liquor stores, I reinforce the idea that not every governmental responsibility should be abandoned to the “private sector.” Roll that bit of cognitive dissonance around and smoke it, “conservative” Utahns.

Derek Jones: I smuggle liquor into Utah from the Wendover Fun Bus albeit my bloodstream and, sadly, it cannot be recycled.

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