Staff Summer Vacations 

Where do you want to spend your summer vacation?

John Paul Brophy: Since it’s now June and still feels more like April weather, I’d love to enjoy a warm summer right here in the Wasatch.

Julie Erickson: Mexico, Guatamala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica was the plan.

Scott Renshaw: I plan to spend early August in Washington D.C., and Williamsburg,  Va., in an attempt to appreciate the oppressive humidity our Founding Fathers held so dear.

Rachel Scott: What summer vacation?! If I actually ever had one of those, I’d spend it backpacking Europe, for sure!

Nick Clark: In a paradise devoid of technology with my smiling little girls enjoying their natural surroundings.

Manda Bull: In Greece with the Saltas family, of course! Do you have room for one more smart and talented daughter? I tan well, too!

Bryan Bale: Some place with sandy beaches, balmy temperatures (rain or shine), cool ocean breezes, mountains to climb, ruins to explore, and jam sessions until dawn.

Jackie Briggs: On a beach where no one can reach me except a cocktail waiter who keeps my drink full. If said waiter also moonlighted as a masseur I wouldn’t be mad …

Lia Pretorius: Anywhere that’s not a city with lots of trees and water.  I’d like to see more than a couple of stars, hear wildlife instead of sirens and unplug for a whole summer.  Just call me Ms. Thoreau until fall and I’ll return to the bustle with insightful essays and a fresh soul.

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