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What’s to blame for violence against women?

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What’s to blame for violence against women?

Ylish Merkley: It’s a very toxic combination of society and the perpetrator. The perp will blame the woman for provoking their primal desires, and society will sympathize and agree with the attacker. Without proper retribution and with victim-blaming from society, the attackers aren’t scared of being punished and will continue to behave inhumanely. To blame all men for an individual’s lack of basic human decency is ridiculous, and to blame the victim is monstrous.

Jackie Briggs:
Society. Blaming the perpetrator is just the quick easy approach. It’s not just one “crazy” person or just one incident. Violence is how our society reacts to conflict, and it’s also how we get entertainment.

Kolbie Stonehocker: The perpetrator, a society that’s too afraid and hateful to treat men and woman as equals, and ignorant people who refuse to consider the fact that their backward and sexist beliefs about women are adding to the problem and never try to change them.

Rachel Piper: The perpetrator most directly, obviously, but there’s something clearly messed up about the way women and men learn—directly and indirectly—about what the “point” of a woman is: to be pretty and agreeable, whether to the random guy in your math class or to the stranger on the street who shouts at you to smile. That’s the core of Elliot Rodger’s entitled viewpoint, and his assertion that women are nothing more than sex vessels with bodies designed to attract or repel males is echoed in most every conversation about modesty, dating and sexual assault.

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