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Taking a Stand on Stanza

Taking a Stand on Stanza

An at-long-last look at a not-so-new Italian bistro.
As we creep into the new year, the topic at hand is a not-so-new restaurant.



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Offering a myriad of pleasures all under one roof, Gracie’s...

Copper Kitchen

Featured Restaurant

Copper Kitchen

The newest venture from Ryan Lowder (owner-chef of downtown’s Copper...


The Wines of Winter

Suggestions for cold-weather sipping.
Here in Utah, Mother Nature plays an influential part in my wine buying and ordering decisions.


Westside Witch

Kosher at Canyons, Marco's in Daybreak
This unique bar is located in the commercial complex that also houses Meditrina and Laziz, and it's a friendly, snug, diminutive space that's crawling with bar talent—including all-star mixologists like Gardner, Matt Pfohl and Sean Neves.

Food News

Beyond Pho

Tracking Vietnamese flavors from Midvale to Clearfield.
A positive result of the emigration to this country by Vietnamese families is that their cuisine was exported along with parts of their culture ...


Wine Trends for 2017

What and how we'll drink in the coming year.
If 2016 was any indication, 2017 promises to be a tumultuous year.



Fire & Ice, Taste Tickets
If, like me, you consider Tracy Aviary's Eat-Drink-SLC to be one of the tastiest soirées of the year, here's good news.

Food News

Dining Guide 2016

Eating well. Go ahead and think about the notion for a minute. "Well" can mean many things to different people: clean, sustainable or just down-home, grease-dripping-down-your-chin goodness. Thankfully, City Weekly has a stable of ever-curious and always-hungry contributors who were up to the task of redefining the concept.


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    • Thanks for the shout-out, Ted. Glad to hear we've been able to serve you well…

    • on January 13, 2017
  • Re: Taking a Stand on Stanza

    • Approachable and affordable with ingredients I can recognize. This is what I've been wanting to…

    • on January 11, 2017
  • Re: Wine Trends for 2017

    • I totally agree with the text. I would only add that non food wine pairings…

    • on January 10, 2017
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