Utah leaders chew on 10 years of City Weekly and reflect on the taste.

Some shudder, some shrug, some shamefully smile and some just shake their heads. As a passive way of courting validation and entertaining ourselves, we asked local luminaries to ponder a simple question: What do you think of City Weekly?

Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General

City Weekly is the only porn allowed at the attorney general’s office. I want to assure you that I will continue to fight to allow students to carry concealed copies of the City Weekly on the University of Utah campus.”

Superdell Schanze, owner, Totally Awesome Computers

“The pornography in terribly inappropriate ads that appear in the back of your paper—that’s what I think of first and that’s why I don’t advertise in it. It’s run by lower-class citizens who don’t care about character or moral standards. You should be more respectful instead of doing things that raise crime and degrade society. But make sure to put in there that I still love you. You’ve done a lot for me. So I upliftingly encourage you to do better.”

Neal Gunnarson, Assistant Attorney General, former Salt Lake County District Attorney

“I read it regularly and find it entertaining.”

Rocky “Sparky” Anderson, mayor, Salt Lake City

“Gutsy, brutally honest and irreverent, City Weekly gnaws on people’s nerves—especially mine at times—in a healthy, enlightening way. When we read City Weekly, we almost always learn something important and we find plenty to laugh—and cry—about. Thank you, City Weekly, for the independent voice, for the in-depth reporting, and for the humor. Congratulations on your 10th and best wishes for many more. We need you.”

Deedee Corradini, former mayor, Salt Lake City

“Sorry to be uncooperative, but I have to catch a plane and don’t have time to comment.”

David Yocom, Salt Lake County Attorney:

“First thing comes to mind is that I’m one of the few elected officials that City Weekly has been kind to in the last couple of years—it’s nice to be part of that limited group. There is a place for another voice in this community to delve into the things that the other newspapers won’t touch.”

Gianni Eleffsen, former editor SLUG Magazine, tyrant

“Ten years, huh? I tried for years to expose the City Weekly propaganda machine, but no one would listen. And now look at what you’ve done! Dennis Miller fired from both Monday Night Football and HBO. Major League Baseball has been completely eviscerated. And The Event went under. Happy?”

Jan Graham, former attorney general

City Weekly gave me a few headaches but mostly smiles during my tenure as attorney general; there’s no question I find it much more pleasant reading now that I’m a has-been.”

Nancy Saxton, Salt Lake City councilwoman, District Four

City Weekly usually asks the question before the general public even knew there was a question. I’m always impressed when I run into people who read the City Weekly. Even though sometimes they take it with a grain of salt, my perception is that they put a lot of credence into what City Weekly reports. Whenever there is a sting in there about me, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not taking it personally. But I feel them and I think that is what they are meant to do—to wake you up and say ‘This is what some of your constituents are thinking.’”

Deeda Seed, administrative assistant, Salt Lake Main Library, former city councilwoman and former chief of staff to Mayor Rocky Anderson

“Heartburn. I still want somebody to take a photo of Chris Smart’s head and put it on the body of a masseuse. I obviously haven’t gotten over my experience with your photo creativity. Better yet, a picture of John [Saltas] and Chris together: John on the bottom while Chris rubs him on top. If you did that, I would be so happy. In all seriousness, even though I’ve been the subject of many jokes, I’m very glad that you’re there and hope you’ll be around for another 10 years.”

Chris Vanocur, senior reporter, ABC4 News

“Five words: Lovable anarchists armed with ink.”

Judge David Winder, Sr. United States District Judge, Utah

City Weekly is an example of why America needs the First Amendment. This newspaper’s approach may not please the majority, but it expresses a viewpoint that has a right to be heard.

John Paul Brophy, longtime owner, Dead Goat Saloon

Hard to believe that you’ve survived 10 years but then again, truth will out. Here’s to the next 10. Couldn’t do it without you.

Greta deJong, editor/publisher, Catalyst

Having recently attended the AAN (Association of Alternative Weeklies) Convention and seeing weeklies around the country, I can say that City Weekly is definitely among the top five. Congratulations John (Saltas, publisher/founder), Ben Fulton (longtime staff writer/editor), Chris, Christa and all the rest of the staff on reaching this milestone!

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