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.05 Guide

These Legislators know little about liquor or the people who consume it.
Our annual City Guide hits the streets this week. We first published it in 2002, just in time for Utah's Winter Olympic Games. It turned out to be a hit, so we've kept doing it.

When Tom Met Fidel

Remembering a former editor's brush with El Jefe Máximo.
Aside from his predilection for poking me and everyone else, Walsh was the consummate professional journalist.

Bite Me, Carl

Soon after the story broke, readers began slapping Carl's Jr. in the same fashion that Carl's Jr. slaps meat onto a grill.
It was a burger, pretty sloppy, true to their ads and I don't recall much else.

Whoa Is Me

I mourned in 2000 when Best of was only 10 years old. Sixteen Bests of Utah later, I mourn again.
I mourned in 1972. I did again in 2000 when our Best of Utah was only 10 years old. Sixteen Bests of Utah later, I mourn again.

Be True

Barely two weeks ago, I returned home after a very successful City Weekly tour of Greece, sponsored by this newspaper.

Big 12 Bitter

Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes living in Utah knows there are only several matters that stand out as the very most important to most Utahns: The rivalry between the University of Utah and the Team Down South, whether one consumes caffeine hot or cold, if one is willing or not to be seen doing yard work on a Sunday and, of course, where you stand on the issue of local grocers being petitioned to remove red wine vinegar from the condiments aisle. Yes, many people are saying that banning red wine vinegar from grocery stores altogether is an even better solution.


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    • By the way John, great story about our screwed up liquor policies.

    • on March 30, 2017
  • Re: .05 Guide

    • Some of us remember when you needed a special STATE ID card to purchase Booze…

    • on March 30, 2017
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