Drawn & Catered

If you order catered pizza for your reception, I ain't coming

David Carr: Matchless

From alternative newspaper prince to New York Times king, David Carr's legacy is long and hard
I first became entangled in David Carr’s Irish eyes and impish grin about 20 years ago from the short distance between my shoulder and my fingertips holding a match to his unlit cigarette.

Faith Wars

The Tribune lights religious fires intentionally
I saw an amazing headline in The Salt Lake Tribune this past week. Well, I saw it online and am not sure it was also printed. Over a story about a pre-dawn car pileup in some dense fog on Interstate 84 near Baker, Ore., ...

Prison Follies

The real reason for moving the Utah State Prison is money, and lots of it
It appears that a deal is being cooked up to move the Utah State Prison from Draper (where it was relocated to in 1951) to somewhere else—perhaps even closer to me. I call NIMBY. The Draper prison is just fine where it is.

Mayor Maybe

Despite re-election bid, Becker has forgotten what city he governs
Our first downtown office in Salt Lake City was in the former Shubrick Building on the corner of West Temple and 400 South. The Shubrick was home to the renowned nightspot Port O' Call and, at various times, a pet store, a barbershop, a live-music agency, ...

Thanks, Mayor Velodrome

Downtown parking has always been bad, but Becker has managed to make it even worse
And no less today than 20 years ago, when Jake Garn shrugged and began his walk toward Main Street, people are fed up and frustrated with street parking in downtown Salt Lake City.


The book that reminded me to think like a teenager again
The best book I ever read in high school was Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Brown. The second-best book I read in high school was ... uhh, I forget. I remember reading Where the Red Fern Grows, but I think that was in junior high.


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