Weinergate: A Moment of Clarity

The booklets were titled To Serve Man, as a show of friendship and commitment.

Star Struck

The only trace of Star Trek I noticed was a bumper sticker that read, "Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life on this planet."

Bob Dylan for President!

He just might write a song about it. In fact, he did.
It turns out "Jokerman" wasn't your standard purple smoke-and-mirrors music video. It was actually educational.

Trick-or-Treat Election

The treat goes to whichever candidate tricks us into electing them president of the United States.
Our government system of checks and balances has worn down like an old brake drum-lining and we are rolling forward, downhill, out of control without any brakes.

Solving Homelessness

For the city and county mayors, the problem is the ugly visual reminder on our streets that many citizens cannot afford a place to live.

Blaine Preserve

Lee saw beyond the litter of beer cans and construction debris. He saw an uncommon, natural landscape, surrounded by houses, worth reclaiming from decades of neglect.

Hispanic Heritage

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history and traditions of America's second-fastest-growing ethnic group (after Asians). To learn more about this holiday and the nearly 400,000 Latinos in Utah, there is no better source than well-known Utah educator and activist Archie Archuleta.

Famous People

Andy Warhol asserted that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Singing, stinging, soaring, exploring—you get the idea—15 minutes in the limelight before the final curtain.

Keeping Safe

Your many friends and neighbors, your teachers, doctors, lawyers and food servers, you never know. Any one of us, certainly, could become your worst nightmare.

Coyote Clash

Examining "population control strategy."
They are smart and hard to catch, but the ones she does catch are fitted with high-tech collars that enable her to track them.

Russian Roulette

On another game of chance we play in Utah: death by earthquake.
While playing Russian roulette has never been my kind of fun, the political analogy got me to thinking of another lethal game of chance we play here in Utah, death by earthquake.


"Unruled letter paper, white or cream-white, with envelope to match, is used for social correspondence. Ink should be black or dark blue.


"There was music in the café at night And revolution in the air." —Bob Dylan

Driving With No Helmet

Our "Watch this dude" mentality increases accidental deaths each year, showing that stupid is not courageous.

For the Books

On a bright-hot afternoon recently, I loitered in the cool basement reading Parade Magazine that comes with the Sunday newspaper. I don't usually pay attention to it, but this one was the "summer reading issue" in which author Ann Patchett picked the "75 best books of the past 75 years."


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