Get in the Game

Voting isn't all about winning, so just do it

Teach Me Liberty

New AP U.S. History curriculum doesn't adulate America, and that's a good thing

Meet the Morons

Look past the stereotypes at the people behind City Weekly

I, Apocalypse

Our decisions can hasten or slow humanity's slide into irrelevance and poverty
You won't want me on your team when the zombie apocalypse happens—if you want to survive, that is. I'll be nothing but a liability, unable to carry a heavy assault rifle far or swing an ax at a recently dead/undead neighbor.

Rushing Bride

Weddings are all about The Dress
Had Cinderella been a Utah gal, bent on wedding LaVar Prince in the temple before the ink dried on her high school diploma, she would have needed a fairy godmother working overtime on a bride's most exigent issue: the dress.

Why Do Utahns Vote Republican?

GOP politicians care only about wealthy constituents
As the gap between the richest Americans and everybody else continues to expand at an alarming rate, it's curious how a state like Utah, with a minority of the super wealthy, continues to overwhelmingly vote Republican, though the evidence leaves little doubt that Republicans, especially on the national level,

Read What You Want To

Find the books you enjoy, and let others do the same
I read because I enjoy it, not because I'm qualified to do it. But for some people, an appropriate level of difficulty is all that a book boils down to—and that mindset often starts in schools.

Not All Opinions Are Equal

Ignorance doesn't outweigh knowledge
As a film and theater critic, I've churned out opinion-based writing for the better part of the past 20 years. Consequently, I've often encountered the phrase "That's just your opinion," which I interpret as the way that polite people tell me to go and commit an ergonomically impossible act with myself.


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    • I agree “morality or social” concerns are valid criteria in deciding what party to support…

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