"When Women Run, Women Win"

"When Women Run, Women Win"

Exploring the storied, difficult road for women in Utah politics.
In 2013, when I started reporting on women in Utah politics, the Beehive State ranked 46th in the nation for the percentage of its state legislators who were female. Every year since, Utah has been at or near the bottom of this list.


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Surviving Sundance

An insider's take on the sights, sounds and tastes of Sundance.
Every year, for a few strange days, Utah's predictable conservative majority swings just a couple of percentage points to the left as the movie industry comes to town. The Sundance Film Festival offers a strange brew of high altitude and high attitude, turning Park City into a crowded, chaotic temporary Rocky Mountain center of the cinematic universe.

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Bad Day at Red Rock

Moab's former city manager alleges she was fired for being a whistleblower on troubled police dept.
In early December 2016, Moab City announced its plan to close for an unprecedented 10 days over the holidays. The year had been diabolical for the municipality.


Trump's Words

How could a guy so boorish and so unfit for the job become our 45th president? I don't think the election was rigged, as Trump often asserted, but on the eve of his inauguration, I am trying to reconcile the fact that 62 million people disagreed with me and voted for him.


Zombie Drug

Is scopolamine as scary as its reputation?
Such exotic tales have lent scopolamine a menacing aura and the grabby sobriquet of "the most dangerous drug in the world." But the milligram and a half in that transdermal patch your general practitioner gave you for motion sickness poses no threat of transforming you into a mindless zombie anytime soon.

The Straight Dope

Soap Box: Jan. 5-11

Our readers respond to rents, bud and Biskupski.
“Rosenzweig asks, ‘What’s the worst that could happen if Utah legalized marijuana?’ Let me suggest an answer …”



Eight hashtags to follow on Inauguration Day for President Donald Trump:

The Ocho


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