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Life Elevated

Life Elevated

While a repackaged hate-crimes bill stalled in the legislative session, a Blue Lives Matter bill sailed through.
After years of failing to get Republican support for hate-crime legislation that would put some teeth into the law, advocates were optimistic that the 2017 session might finally bring victory.


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Set in Stone

How an elderly, dementia-stricken man ended up owing Salt Lake County $36,063.
Knowing her father as nothing if not a law-abiding, careful man, Tiffany Janzen was nonplussed to learn last May that investigators were snooping on family property. That month, the West Jordan resident phoned a Salt Lake County District Attorney agent, Lt. Alex Huggard, who had been tipped off to an illegal operation on a 24-acre parcel of land along 2100 South.

Cover Story

Utah and Booze

A complicated relationship.
By the time Mormon settlers peered down into what would become known as the Salt Lake Valley and spotted a large lake too salty to bathe in, they probably longed for a stiff drink. Lucky for them, the section of LDS scripture that addresses dietary rules, commonly called the Word of Wisdom, was more a suggested guideline at the time, rather than the unbending commandment it is now.


The Kids Are Alt-Right

It's a shitty time to have any kind of identification with the prefix "alt."
Alt-right. Alt-facts. Alt-media (hey, that's us!). You've heard the prefix, but this guest writer explores its meaning in today's political climate.


Q&A with David Kliger

The cyclist, back-country skier and volunteer dentist talks about his experiences.
"I love talking with patients, learning their stories from Iraq, the Pacific Islands, Hispanic regions, everywhere," Kliger says.

5 Spot

News of the Pretentious

Why live with a cat if one cannot take it out for some wine together?
The latest on cat wine, "adhesive vaginal lipstick," an in-theater playground and other quirky news.

News of the Weird

Soap Box: March 9-15

Reader feedback on words, laws and punitive solitary confinement.
“The only good prison is an empty one.”



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