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World's Coolest City

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TP Goes High Tech

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>China's public-park restrooms have for years suffered toilet-paper theft by local residents who raid dispensers for their own homes—a cultural habit, wrote Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, expressing taxpayer feelings of "owning" public facilities—but the government recently fought back with technology. At Beijing's popular Temple of Heaven park, dispensers now have facial-recognition scanners beside the six toilets, with pre-cut paper (about 24 inches long) issued only to users who pose for a picture.

Location, Location, Location

News You Can Use
A highlight of the recent upmarket surge in Brooklyn, N.Y., as a residential and retail favorite, was the asking price for an ordinary parking space in the garage at 845 Union Street in the Park Slope neighborhood: $300,000 (also carrying a $240-a-month condominium fee and $50 monthly taxes).

News of the Pretentious

Why live with a cat if one cannot take it out for some wine together?
The latest on cat wine, "adhesive vaginal lipstick," an in-theater playground and other quirky news.

Exploiting Villains In February

News You Can Use
In February, two teams of South Korean researchers announced cancer-fighting breakthroughs.

Updates of Previous Characters

And Some Recurring Themes
Tammy Felbaum surfaced in News of the Weird in 2001

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Although discouraging the marriage of children in developing nations has been U.S. foreign policy for years, a data-collecting watchdog group in America disclosed in February that 27 U.S. states have no minimum marriage ages and estimates that an average of almost 25,000 children age 15 and under are permitted to marry every year

The Man With the Golden Mop

San Francisco's best-paid janitor earned more than a quarter-million dollars cleaning stations for Bay Area Rapid Transit in 2015, according to a recent investigation by Oakland's KTVU.

Can't Possibly Be True

>Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse have found Manhattan quite affordable, reported the New York Post in January—by simply not paying, for six years now, the $4,750 monthly rent on their loft-style apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood, citing New York state's "loft law," ...

Work of a Researcher

Conclusion: Rhinos use feces to send distinct social signals on genetically compatible herds, mating access and predator dangers.

Suspicions Confirmed

Schools' standardized tests are often criticized as harmfully rigid, and in the latest version of the Texas Education Agency's STAAR test, poet Sara Holbrook said she flubbed the "correct" answer for "author motivation"—in two of her own poems that were on the test.

The Passing Parade

Dispel the bad karma (for their own safety) and thus sacrificed a black goat on the tarmac at Islamabad airport next to an ATR-42 aircraft (the same model that crashed)

Leading Economic Indicator

The salary the Golden State Warriors pays to basketball whiz Stephen Curry might be a bargain at $12 million a year, but the economics is weirder about the prices Curry's fans pay on the street for one of his used mouthguards retrieved from the arena floor after a game.

Roundup From the World’s Press

Too-Much-Reality TV
Police may come arrest the perpetrators, but the producers are not responsible for intervening.

Oh-So-Sweet Dreams

The Hastens workshop in Koping, Sweden, liberally using the phrase "master artisans" recently, unveiled its made-to-order $149,900 mattress.

Holes Against Humanity

The rebellion against the absurdities of Black Friday this year by the organization Cards Against Humanity came in the form of raising money to dig a pointless hole in the ground.


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