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Holes Against Humanity

The rebellion against the absurdities of Black Friday this year by the organization Cards Against Humanity came in the form of raising money to dig a pointless hole in the ground.

Fellatio Modification

Complaining that textbooks on mouths tragically under-regard their value in sex, former dentist Ku created (the ordinary way) a custom retainer for the client's mouth, but then added rubber "bumps" and "cones" and "ribs" and "ripples" that might be pleasing to a partner.

Ecret-Say Ode-Kay

In a phone-tapped conversation played in court, one of the men on trial was overheard cunningly telling a henchman that a colleague had been "caught with the un-gay in the ar-kay."

Even Baking Soda Is Dangerous

Why do police love the test? It costs $2. The truck drivers had to struggle to get their truck back and are still fighting to be re-cleared to drive military explosives.

Future of Travel

Australian aviator David Mayman has promised investors that his personal jet packs will hit the market by mid-2017.

Democracy in Action

A 35-year-old man was detained by police in Vancouver, British Columbia, after a home break-in in which the intruder took off his clothes, grabbed some eggs and began preparing a meal.

The Nanny State

New York City officially began licensing professional fire eaters earlier this year

Can't Possibly Be True

Beijing News disclosed in October, in a report carried by CNN, that a sturdy steel ladder was being built to aid the 400 villagers after breathtaking photographs of them making the treacherous commute surfaced on the internet earlier this year.

Religion Adapts to Technology

He had "resurrected" a diabetic woman, 40 minutes after her death, by sending the lady a text message through Facebook

Pot for Pets

Dogs and cats are struck with maladies similar to those that humans report in cannabis success stories: seizures, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis and other pain

Fine Points of the La

his law was nonetheless constitutional because, "The little Supreme Court in my head says this is OK."

Frontiers of Science

Successfully passed stones in his hand-held, silicone model kidney...

Suspicions Confirmed

All sentences from 1996 to 2012 were examined, for first-time juvenile offenders, except for murder and aggravated-rape cases.

Insanity Defined

Never publicly utter "grassy knoll" in Dallas, as it seems particularly to offend the police.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Now, after two years of Islamic State occupation in Mosul, Iraq, the security problem has come full circle on ISIS itself.


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