Coming Out of the Shadows

Local chapter of national Familia organization seeks safe space for undocumented LGBT Latinos

Growing Trend

The old-timey trade of barbering is booming in Utah—but some say catering to style makes for risky business

Renovating the Homeless

Momentum builds behind relocating SLC shelters, but some advocates argue money could be better spent

SLC's Bike Master Plan Proposes 220 More Miles of Bike Lanes

Goal is making biking, walking more inviting; public can comment till Dec. 17
The plan proposes 220 new miles of bike pathways over the next 20 years, many of which will be protected bike lanes, similar to those along 300 East and the ongoing project on 300 South.

Council Members LaMalfa & Mendenhall Disclose Relationship

"Publicly disclosing our feelings...seems appropriate to acknowledge, given that we are elected officials"
Salt Lake City Council members Erin Mendenhall and Kyle LaMalfa released separate statements to The Salt Lake Tribune last week disclosing that they are in a relationship.

Same-Sex Sanctuary

LGBT-friendly churches give shelter to those rejected by families and faiths
On a recent Sunday, half a dozen people gathered in a corner alcove of the Cathedral Church of Saint Mark in downtown Salt Lake City, glad not to be outside during the first real snow of the season.

For Love or Money

Trib says Mia Love book is journalism as usual, but some question ethics
The book's timing, and the fact that it was penned by the same three Tribune political reporters who covered Love's career—and will most likely cover it long into the future—has drawn fire from some ...

A Load Off

Nonprofit groups raise funds for storage lockers for Salt Lake City's homeless
"Dash" has the kind of story that's sadly common among those who have made the streets of Salt Lake City their home. Taking a break from panhandling on a downtown street corner, 24-year-old Dash tells a reporter that she's had her share of struggles ...

No Mercy

Utahns will keep paying $28K a year to store Rolf Kaestel
When Election Day came and went the first week of November, a blip of news on television screens in Arkansas had deep consequences for a man sitting in a prison cell in Gunnison.

Liquid Law

Some Utah judges granted adoptions to same-sex couples without state's OK
During the 17 days after Dec. 20, 2013, when U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby drove a spike through Utah's constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage, nearly 1,300 same-sex couples tied the knot in Utah ...

League of Women Voters troubled by candidates' lack of response to surveys

Nonpartisan organization says silence speaks to troubling apathy
Voter apathy is a major concern for Jenn Gonnelly, co-president of the Utah League of Women Voters ...

Ready to Change Utah's Constitution?

The skinny on the amendments you'll be voting on next Tuesday
From the top of the state to the bottom, there are only a handful of things that every single ballot in the state of Utah will have in common when voters head to the polls Nov. 4. Three of these items are constitutional amendments that, though extremely unsexy, could alter the course of Utah law.


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