For Love or Money

Trib says Mia Love book is journalism as usual, but some question ethics

No Mercy

Utahns will keep paying $28K a year to store Rolf Kaestel

A Load Off

Nonprofit groups raise funds for storage lockers for Salt Lake City's homeless

Liquid Law

Some Utah judges granted adoptions to same-sex couples without state's OK
During the 17 days after Dec. 20, 2013, when U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby drove a spike through Utah's constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage, nearly 1,300 same-sex couples tied the knot in Utah ...

League of Women Voters troubled by candidates' lack of response to surveys

Nonpartisan organization says silence speaks to troubling apathy
Voter apathy is a major concern for Jenn Gonnelly, co-president of the Utah League of Women Voters ...

Ready to Change Utah's Constitution?

The skinny on the amendments you'll be voting on next Tuesday
From the top of the state to the bottom, there are only a handful of things that every single ballot in the state of Utah will have in common when voters head to the polls Nov. 4. Three of these items are constitutional amendments that, though extremely unsexy, could alter the course of Utah law.

Middle Man

Doug Owens hopes to follow in father's footsteps as a moderate Dem in Congress
Wayne Owens served in Congress from 1973 to 1975 and again from 1987 to 1993 as a proud Blue Dog "Utah Democrat." Now, with Rep. Jim Matheson having decided not to run again, Doug Owens hopes to represent Utahns in D.C., as a moderate Democrat.

Pac-12 membership boosts U's spending, budgets

School strives to match elite cohorts in sports and beyond
Pac-12 membership brings with it the perception that, now that the school is part of a big-time club, it must somehow keep up with the other members of that club in what it offers to students, administrators and alumni, whether that's new buildings or more rigorous academic standards.

SLC Brick & Mortar Survivors

Downtown still has independent bookshops, record stores and even video rentals—but they can’t swim on without support
Few people have blasted the imagination-draining place that is the Internet quite so bluntly as the late author Ray Bradbury.

Gone Digital

The Standard-Examiner takes a try-anything approach with TV-style video production
The lobby of Ogden's Standard-Examiner boasts a few relics of a bygone newspaper era, like a linotype machine that used to be fed with molten lead to formulate print molds, and a hand-crank printing press.

Listen & Learn

Activists put down picket signs and pull up chairs
Activism isn't always about waving signs and using a megaphone to demand change from the elite and aloof powers that be. Sometimes it's about having a cup of mint tea with a random person off the street and asking them what they think is wrong with their corner of the world.

Food Fight

Investigation into worker who tossed school lunches sparks policy changes
When 17 students at Uintah Elementary School had their school lunches tossed into the trash in January, it brought national television outlets to the school's front door and also prompted a criminal investigation to look into sweeping accounting discrepancies by the lunchroom manager.

Corporation Courtship

Utah's Office of Economic Development is in the business of luring big business to Utah
One arm of state government can directly trace its influence in luring new businesses, and the jobs and taxes they bring, to Zion: the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED), which at its Sept. 11 meeting issued more than $1.5 million in corporate tax incentives to two corporations looking to set up shop in Utah.


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