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Utah and Booze

A complicated relationship.

Life Elevated

While a repackaged hate-crimes bill stalled in the legislative session, a Blue Lives Matter bill sailed through.

Pet Sounds

Woman in tug of war with city to get cuddly, loud dogs back.

Secret Agent

In the aftermath of the Swallow acquittal, questions dog a state investigator.
When a prosecutor presents his or her case, a key initial witness often is the detective or investigator who assembled evidence that a judge deemed sufficient to warrant a trial.

2017 Legislative Wrap-Up

Rape kit testing, public lands and that pesky Zion Curtain all got their day in the bureaucratic sun.
In its waning days, the Legislature's speed will shift, as it always does, from its humdrum business-as-usual pace into a chaotic urgency.

The Day the Pouring Died

Longtime patrons bid adieu to iconic Sugar House watering hole.
The commercialization of Sugar House was one change the bar couldn't withstand. This past Saturday was its final last call.


Utah AIDS Foundation continues free clinic in the face of possible funding cuts.
Almost 3,000 Utahns are HIV-positive, and an estimated 13 percent of them don't know it. Because detection is paramount, the Utah AIDS Foundation offers free HIV testing twice a week for anyone who has had sex or injected drugs within the last year.

The Touhy God

The hand of the federal government lies heavily on the state's prosecutions of two former AGs on corruption charges.
As the state rolled out its case against former Attorney General John Swallow in early February, two things became apparent.

Pinball Wizards

For many, old-school arcade game sits at the intersection of solace and skill.
They say if you check the pinball machines in select bars around town, you'll find the monogram "MIL" claiming the high scores. These initials belong to Mike Lund—the "I" stands for Iceman, he says.

Meet the Muslims

Utah Islamic Center's open-house series answers questions, dispels myths.
In Islamic doctrine, God's faithful follower Abraham had two wives: Sarah and Hagar. And perhaps a plural-marriage tradition is why, Shuaib Din suggested, he was recently emailed by a polygamist group organizing a march on Capitol Hill.

The King and I

A razor-beaked icon of the Utah bird conservation movement turns 58.
Helen Dishaw has accompanied Andy Mondays through Fridays and on holidays along the aviary's pathways for an hour at a time. The experience, she says, struck her early on as what it must feel like to have a child. She calls him with treats—quail liver, beef heart slices—which she gives him from a thick-gloved hand.

Some Pig

Allegations of livestock doping rattle junior exhibitor's future.
Spot, a portly blue-ribbon pig, was crowned a winner at the 2015 Utah State Fair, earning a fast-track to the auction block and prize money and praise for her youth handler. One of more than 100 hogs in the junior livestock show, this pig walked away the reserve grand champion.

Shots Fired

The release of bodycam footage of the police shooting of a 17-year-old raises only more questions.
It took just 42 seconds, according to recently released police body-camera footage, between two officers exiting the downtown Salt Lake City homeless shelter on Rio Grande Street and shooting juvenile Abdullahi "Abdi" Mohamed four times.

Protecting Planned Parenthood

With state legal fight over, Utah chapter braces for federal cuts.
Karrie Galloway, president/CEO of Planned Parenthood of Utah, was on her way to see jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall perform with the Utah Symphony in summer 2015 when she got the call.

Fire Line

UFA Board considers recouping bonuses paid to former chiefs and turning investigation over to law enforcement.
A week after the Utah State Auditor issued an exhaustive audit documenting the misdeeds of former fire chiefs at the Unified Fire Authority, the board that oversees the state's largest firefighting agency is weighing whether it will seek criminal and civil action against its former employees.

"When Women Run, Women Win"

Exploring the storied, difficult road for women in Utah politics.
In 2013, when I started reporting on women in Utah politics, the Beehive State ranked 46th in the nation for the percentage of its state legislators who were female. Every year since, Utah has been at or near the bottom of this list.

Bad Day at Red Rock

Moab's former city manager alleges she was fired for being a whistleblower on troubled police dept.
In early December 2016, Moab City announced its plan to close for an unprecedented 10 days over the holidays. The year had been diabolical for the municipality.

Biskupski: The First Year

Milestones, missteps line the mayor's first 366 days in office.
Twelve months ago, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski publically promised to shake up the culture in City Hall.


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