Campaign for Climate

Congressional candidate Bill Barron is running on behalf of the Earth

Unhappy Campers

Campground timeshare tries to halt financial collapse

Bikes Overriding Business

Downtown businesses angry over losing parking for new 300 South bicycle lanes

Bear Fight

Use of UPD armored vehicle at Winder fundraiser looms large in sheriff's race
The 2013 fundraiser and questions of whether it was a misuse of funds has heightened tensions in UPD and the Sheriff's Office over the Petersen-Winder race. And the controversy was only deepened by the fact that Winder's campaign disclosures did not list donors from the event.

Reading Between the Lines

As conspiracies abound and digital revenues drag, Utah's big dailies continue inflating their circulation
Numbers show that the newspaper industry is making more than enough money—and that Salt Lake City's dailies are spinning their circulation numbers to do so.

Not Ready to be Homeless

For working families, it's easy to get stuck in the chasm between normal life and the shelter
Since the recession, the demand for family services at The Road Home, the downtown Salt Lake City homeless shelter, has mushroomed from 183 families in 2007 to 681 in 2014.

Victim tells story of what happened when indicted Swallow donor allegedly beat him for being a 'rat'

Criminal pasts of perp and victim will likely dominate witness-tampering case
On Aug. 8, a man who organized an off-the-books campaign fundraiser in 2012 for former Utah Attorney General John Swallow was arrested on federal witness-tampering charges, along with three associates.

Taxpayer Group Shines Light on Power Co. Finances

Group's scrutiny of Heber Light & Power continues after arrests, rate-hike requests
While a key focus of taxpayers associations across the country is to oppose new taxes, the effort in Wasatch County has sought to shed light on the gears of government that have grown accustomed to working in the shade.

Select VIPs Park for Free at SLC Airport

A Utah County state lawmaker, a lobbyist and others make the list
Through an open-records request, City Weekly obtained a list of the 40 people who are able to park for free at the airport. The list is divided among city department heads, the city council, the airport board and other groups.

Mormons Talk Guns, Faith and White Privilege

Kate Kelly focus of annual Sunstone Symposium
"Is Kate Kelly a hero or villain?" That question was thrown out by a presenter discussing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' approach to transparency when it comes to its finances during one of the final panels at the 2014 Sunstone Symposium.

Revolving Door

Salt Lake County's sped-up justice system is fueling recidivism, early reports show
Lighter court calendars and thin caseloads for prosecutors have come at a cost. Recidivism rates in ECR are 29 percent—8 percentage points higher than the recidivism rate in other court programs, a study conducted by the Utah Criminal Justice Center at the University of Utah shows.

Stitch by Stitch

School-board candidate Melissa Ford emphasizes that simple acts can lead to big changes
A stack of ratty street-urchin pants stands as a testament to Melissa Ford's school involvement. Ford learned how to sew the pants when she helped design costumes for a Clayton Middle School production of Oliver!

Ken Sanders Books Moving

SLC's growth leaves little room for small businesses
Book by book and poetry reading by poetry reading, Ken Sanders has turned his 17-year-old downtown bookstore into one of Salt Lake City's artistic anchors.


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