Bad Day at Red Rock

Moab's former city manager alleges she was fired for being a whistleblower on troubled police dept.

"When Women Run, Women Win"

Exploring the storied, difficult road for women in Utah politics.

Biskupski: The First Year

Milestones, missteps line the mayor's first 366 days in office.

The Price of Intimacy

A disabled man's fight to legalize sex work in Utah veers into stormy waters.
When the 25-year-old rides Trax in downtown Salt Lake City, he occasionally hears a passenger comment on his facial paralysis.

A Place of Prayer and Action

A Thanksgiving visit to Standing Rock reveals multigenerational resiliency.
Before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rejected an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to cross under Lake Oahe, I was at Standing Rock alongside the water protectors.

Let it Snow

Local professor conducts traffic study to improve winter storm preparedness.
Several major metropolitan areas were covered, including Washington, D.C.

Stepping In

To curb campus rape, colleges train students on how to intervene.
It's a Wednesday evening in November, and about three dozen students and others are gathering for a zero-credit seminar on what might be the biggest issue on college campuses today.

The Life Outside

Six months after delivering watershed speech, Spencer Cox reflects on equal rights, family and virality.
There, Cox has cultivated an engaging persona, and he dispatches dozens of tweets each week, replete with quippy one-liners, emojis, GIFs, internet acronyms and #hashtags.

Silent Survivors

A women-only shelter might be insufficient to address needs of sex workers and the crime that often accompanies them.
Sex work pays for dope and night-by-night rent for a room that costs cumulatively between $1,200-$1,500 a month.

Gauging HB 348

Some consider penalty reduction bill a silver bullet for much-needed prison reform.
The state appeared to indicate with HB 348 that it wanted to improve the criminal justice system for drug offenders. Now in the wake of the bill's passing, pinpointing the effects of the legislation depends on who you ask.

Wasted Space

Lack of canyon restroom facilities brings tainted water issue to light.
If the Mountain Accord is designed to tackle environmental problems, he says, guarding the forest floor from urine and defecation should be on the to-do list.

The Hunted

Recent data provide more insight than the U has ever had into sexual violence among students.
Kavalam thinks it's noteworthy that more than 90 percent of students in the survey agreed the school would handle reports in a way that's fair and timely. She, too, believed the process would be just—until she went through it.

Walking the Line

Local documentarians record "freaky" scene at Dakota Access Pipeline.
When Robert Hunter saw a call-to-arms on social media from organizers in North Dakota asking for assistance winterizing a camp near the epicenter of a pipeline protest, he armed himself with a camera and prepared for a 36-hour drive to the northeast.

Flame Keepers

Unified Fire Authority sets sights on rebuilding, restoring morale.
In late 2015, UFA board members began to grumble about the more than $100,000 in bonuses that were doled out without board approval to Jensen, Scott and a pair of other top UFA officials.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Science and education nonprofits doing outreach to Latino communities need to think about a lot more than free passes.
What were the two nonprofits doing to raise awareness about their activities among underserved, diverse populations?

Money Chase

While some Utah politicians raise little money, others have been spending quite a bit on travel.
But without a hefty campaign donation system, it is much easier to cull corporate influence in Hughes' financial disclosures.

Cop Talk

Activists, relatives of shooting victims and the SLCPD seek a blueprint for law enforcement reform.
Along with city officials and community leaders, on the activist front it's a mix of people critical of the police's use of force—and policing in general—and the relatives of those shot by cops.

"We Have to Do a Better Job"

U of U students don't know their options for reporting, recovering from sexual assault.
There's no evidence that administrators have been hiding or destroying reports. In many cases, they simply have not received them.


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