Photo Finish

Conservationists seek rare Utah wolverines and lynx

Gone But Not Forgotten

Utah's first nonprofit homeless hospice will provide a peaceful end to a hard life

Ghost Bridge

Increased interest in Utah wilderness may threaten a historic landmark

Candy Bar Felonies

A softer approach by Salt Lake County prosecutors to low-level retail theft has some asking who will pay the price
On April 2, 2015, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill informed the police chiefs within his jurisdiction that his prosecutors would no longer be pressing felony charges against repeat retail-theft offenders of products or services valued at $50 or less.

Bad Cop Database

A high-tech initiative by Utah's defense lawyers seeks to improve police accountability in the legal system
For the past five years, criminal-defense attorneys in Utah have shared information about police officers' misconduct.

All Nighter

Salt Lake City Main Library hopes proposed 24-hour service will benefit more than just the homeless
For years, Salt Lake City leaders have dreamed of the capital city buzzing with activity 24 hours a day, and for years the city's night owls have been able to enjoy late-night attractions ...

Mountain of Money

The Mountain Accord planning process comes with a high price tag
In the past year and a half, cities, counties, nonprofits and various government organizations have been busy hammering out a future for the central Wasatch Range through a well-publicized process called Mountain Accord.

The Gumball Gamble

An ambiguous state law may allow gas-station vending machines to pay out like games of chance
Anyone who's waltzed through a casino has likely seen the game where a player drops a quarter in, and, with a little luck, it gets pushed onto a metal shelf full of quarters, perhaps spilling a handful of lucre off the shelf, ...

Drink Up

Lawmakers eye water pipelines as key to Utah's water future
With California-like temperatures during a month-long chunk of winter, and a snowpack that on Feb. 1 was only 84 percent of normal, Utah and the West are once again speeding toward a year of hearty drought.

St. Johnson

Washington County sheriffs nonplussed about relationship with indicted businessman
Jeremy Johnson's headline should have read "local man makes it big." Instead, it's "local man charged with a $275 million fraud."

Poetic Justice

Activist writer sheds light on domestic violence in Utah's Latino community
After Gloria Arredondo got divorced in April 2010, she didn't know who she was. Her abusive marriage, she says, had "killed the woman side of me. There was nothing left of it."

Power Play

Rocky Mountain Power says environmental benefits from rooftop solar panels don't add up
In August 2014, the Utah Public Service Commission (PSC) denied a request by Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) to charge a $4.25 net-metering fee on roughly 2,000-plus Utahns proudly powering their homes with rooftop solar panels.

Healthy Debate

The Utah House's refusal to debate the health-care bill was a rare "stiff-arm" to the public
A single question has occupied a good share of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the collective Republican brains of the Utah Legislature these past two years: How should the Beehive State extend health-care coverage to the roughly 100,000 Utahns who need it?

Breaking the Cycle

Sex workers trying to start anew are shackled by barriers to housing and resources
In summer 2013, sex workers Donna Steele and two others, Candyss and Tina (both pseudonyms for this story), were living and working on State Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

Economic Shell Game

Utah's economy may be growing, but not all are seeing it in their paychecks
Utah's elected leaders have long prided themselves on the state's supercharged economic engine. If Utah's economy were an automobile, it would be a drag-strip-worthy muscle car, running on free-market principles compared to the more eco-friendly engines of liberal coast economies.

Slippery Slopes

Canyon conservationists have to give a little to get a little
From nearly anywhere in the paved-over, billboard-dotted Salt Lake Valley, the wild and jagged heights of the Wasatch mountains stand out as a reminder that the freedom of wilderness is not too far away.

Making a Statement

When it comes to modern politics, the LDS Church seems keen on taking a stand
At the beginning of each legislative session, lawmakers and the general public start paying more attention to speeches and press conferences, hoping for insight by leaders in the Legislature and the Governor's Office as to which bills will gain momentum ...

Leaving His Mark

Blake Donner's love of zines and graffiti gets a second life
Most people experience trains in the audible sense, as a late-night bellow from a horn. Or visibly, from a car window along the highway, as a blur of steel, diesel exhaust and splashes of colorful spray paint.


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