New Congressional Districts 

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How would you set the new district boundaries?

Dan Nailen: The perimeter of my Sugar Hood bungalow, so I could elect myself and get in on that fat PAC cash.

Jesse Fruhwirth:
I’d split the greater Wasatch Front area into three hunks stacked neatly north to south and give all the rest of Utah the fourth seat.

Bryan Mannos: What’s the difference between three and four rubber stamps? Why don’t we just give it to the LDS Church in trade for them letting their members choose for themselves?

Wallace Greenwell: 1. Salt Lake County. 2. Weber County and north, 3. Davis and Utah counties, 4. the rest of the state.

Austen Diamond: I’d cut it twice diagonally, cut off the crust, spear each section with a toothpick and garnish with a pickle. Politics never sounded so tasty.

Susan Kruithof: I’d let City Weekly’s Nick Clark’s 2-year-old, Elly, draw them for us. It would be more equitable then anything Utah is going to come up with.

Derek Carlisle:
Let the boundaries be set anew by alternating turns of calling out locations. If that area has been taken, the opponent would call out “You sank my district line” and so on until the new boundaries have been claimed. I have an idea of how the boards should look if they need help.

Jerre Wroble:
If the redistricting committee were made up of visionaries instead of partisan hacks, Utah would have two Democrat-leaning districts (SLC proper, Park City, Carbon County) and two GOP-loving districts (everywhere else). A balanced slate of congressional delegates would engage non-Republican voters who currently shrug their shoulders and say “What’s the use in voting?”
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