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Deconstructing <i>Puzzle</i>

Deconstructing Puzzle

Dada's 1992 debut asks many questions, provides one answer.
On the strength of its anthemic, jangly single "Dizz Knee Land," Puzzle—the 1992 debut of Los Angeles alt-rock trio Dada—sold more than half a million units. But it was gold before it sold a single copy.


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Burnin' for You

Ogden blues-rockers Pinetop Inferno release debut EP.
Sometimes a band's name is enough for me to know I'll like them. More than a year ago, while proofing the music listings, the name "Pinetop Inferno" jumped off the page. I loved what the words implied: "Pinetop" refers to the buds or shoots of a pine tree, which can be used to make a medicinal tea or whiskey—both good for what ails ya. It also evokes the blues (see Pinetop Perkins, Clarence "Pine Top" Smith), which is also anodyne.


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Al Stewart, Kate MacLeod, L.A. Guns, and more
It once seemed surprising that an unassuming Scotch-English folkie like Al Stewart would end up with a mega Top 40 hit, given an early musical style that so closely tapped traditional templates. Nevertheless, when it was released in July 1976, Stewart's seventh album Year of the Cat (RCA) and its title track—with those infectious guitar and sax solos—made this unassuming singer-songwriter a household name.

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Kid Vid

Provo-based music whiz Davey "Vid" Nelson re-examines his roots on Millennials.
I've heard of renaissance men before, and I'm pretty sure I've even seen one or two on TV. After chatting via email with Davey "Vid" Nelson, a Provo-based rocker with an old soul, I can now confidently say I've actually met one.


What Drives Dawes

Southern California quartet keeps it real.
While Dawes hasn't necessarily distanced themselves from that vintage description, they haven't stopped there, either.


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The Rock Princess Trio, Mike Doughty, Run the Jewels, and more
Sofia Scott emerged from the suburbs of Salt Lake City to fill a niche as a femmale musician and performer, and become a local pioneer in the relatively new genre of trans rock. After appearing solo last fall at the SLC SlutWalk and the Dark Arts Festival, The Rock Princess returns with a trio to rock thrice as hard.

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Best of Utah Music 2016

Local music fans, you set an all-time record for participation in City Weekly's Best of Utah Music 2016. You cast more votes than in any previous year. Thank you for choosing the best acts and artists—among our ever-growing crop of excellent local musicians—that stand out as the Best of Utah.


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