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Too High to Die

Too High to Die

Youthful indiscretion leads to a lifelong obsession with the Meat Puppets.
I've never bought into the idea that drugs or booze should be a requirement for enjoying a band. Such mind-altering approaches might be necessary enhancement for appreciating some acts (ahoy, jam-band fans!). They're also a solid excuse for appreciating others (howdy, EDM lovers!).



High Strangeness

Corresponding with the Mothership.
Captain's Log, Stardate 94800.49. I bricked my phone today. Probably because of too many tabs open in Firefox. The T-Mobile dude said it'll take two orbits before I get a new one.


Live Music Picks: March 23-29

The Infamous Stringdusters, Ghost of Paul Revere, Mighty Mystic, Red Sage and more
Founded in Charlottesville, Va., in 2006, the Infamous Stringdusters navigate the path between traditional bluegrass and a modern jam-band aesthetic. The quintet builds its music on a foundation of old-time folk and bluegrass, and its arrangements allow for plenty of jamming in a live setting.

Music Picks

Hear the Trees

Quiet Oaks outgrows their past with Pretty Alright.
It was hot at City Weekly's Utah Beer Festival in 2014. One of the shadiest spots in Washington Square that day happened to be the modest bleachers on the north end of the City and County Building, where one local band was loading out while another—The North Valley, it turned out—loaded in.


Cruel Water

Lunar Twin's spooky night at the beach.
During the day, the beach is a sunny, welcoming place where people feel comfortable removing most of their clothes and throwing Frisbees with strangers.


Live Music Picks: March 16-22

Moving Units, Terrance Simien, Castle, Goya and more
We always say how everything cool comes around again, meaning that when something—a sound, a style—goes out of vogue, if there was anything to it, it'll be resurrected at some point.

Music Picks

Local Music Issue 2017

Our annual offering to the local music gods.



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