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Strong Constitutions

Strong Constitutions

Post-punk duo Civil Lust seeks balance and composure on their debut EP.
What's civilized about something as primal as lust, which leads to grunt-y rutting?


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Chances Are ...

You've never heard these Johnny Mathis tunes.
Three-time Grammy Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Mathis has been a staggeringly popular recording artist and performer for more than 60 years.


Live Music Picks: April 27-May 3

Jon Gudmunson, The Bad Signs, Chance the Rapper and more.
Baritone saxophonist Jon Gudmunson, director of jazz studies at Utah State University, leads a quartet of his fellow faculty members.

Music Picks

Three, Seeking a Crowd

With 'Ménage a Trois,' three of Salt Lake City's best bands attempt a deeper musical engagement.
Look at that picture. Do you see the lengths to which some musicians will go for attention?


Don't Fear the Reaper

The birth of SLC trip-pop group Tarot Death Card.
Any horror movie that involves a spooky-ass fortune-teller inevitably has that scene where said soothsayer forebodingly flips over a card, revealing the malicious rictus of death—the Grim Reaper.


Live Music Picks: April 20-26

Beats Antique, Tango West, Snoop Dogg and more.
Credit Beats Antique with applying a certain truth in advertising. The beat quotient is a constant and, as for the antique reference, they affirm a certain reverence for the roots.

Music Picks

Local Music Issue 2017

Our annual offering to the local music gods.



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    • Tarot is actually a type of trick taking game created because a clever Italian back…

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    • Really good description of you three and RKF. Full circle > once upon a time…

    • on April 9, 2017
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    • By far, the best ever article on my band.... Randy, you're funny dude. ...and Google…

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