Parks Go Pop

Provo folk darlings stay true to their identity while finding new ways to express it.

Lounge Wizards

It's always been about the music at The Urban Lounge.

The Tao of the Dig

A music fan extols the virtues of crate-digging.

True Grit

Kickin' back with Ogden's funky hip-hop band, Grits Green.
Plates crash, glasses clink and people yell at the Green Pig Pub, where I meet with Rha'gene Beal and Porter Dalton of Ogden's own funk-minded hip-hop band, Grits Green.


Re-branded and armed with a new EP, The Aces are on their way to No. 1.
Talking to The Aces, who've been so elusive over the past eight months, feels like a dream.

You Down With PPP?

Genre-bending trailblazers Rumble Gums celebrate debut album, Pool Party Palace.
I'm only five songs into Rumble Gums' debut album Pool Party Palace (, and my mind is rapidly trying to make sense of their vast repertoire of musical influences.

Something for Everyone

DJ Sneeky Long mixes hip eclectica with cheap mainstream-ery.
"It sounds pretty dirty, right?" jokes James Ramirez, the turntable maestro otherwise known as Sneeky Long.

The Moppet Show

Salt Lake City's first Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls sets its amps to empower.
Inside the shell of what was once Ichabob's, Ego's and, most recently, Bar Deluxe, are three underage girls.

In the Twinkling of an Eye

The evolution of soft-tronica titans, Le Voir.
Around 2014, she started to develop a taste for and a desire to make electronica, influenced by the likes of M83 and The Naked and Famous.

Nerdcore Superstars

Cool nerds Dave Payne and Mark Dago work hard to ensure that geeks inherit Earth.
He's one of the great minds behind two of Salt Lake's best hip-hop acts, Numbs and Rotten Musicians, and respected under his own name...

And the Room Goes ...

Helmet-headed one-man blues band Bob Log III's self-referential dirty blues still drives audiences wild.
"These guys took the blues, and then turned the party up all in it," he says.

Outta the Doghouse

Kyle Henderson emerges from a dark, hollow place on Hound Mystic's debut EP.
When the end of the band seemed imminent, Henderson met an unforgettable someone.

Partners in Song

After decades backing up the likes of Bob Dylan and Levon Helm, two roots music pros jointly step into the spotlight.
Campbell keeps prodding along, though, until toward the end of the film, Helm triumphantly records "You'll Never Again Be Mine."

Feel the Burn

After 17 years, beloved local hardcore band Iceburn pulls a phoenix trick.
"It's kind of our environment, our bipolar life," he says.

Him Again

Howard Jones is an '80s icon, Utah stalker and a one-man gateway to synth-pop's glories.
HoJo refers to Howard Jones, but you already knew that.

Inspiration Through Limitations

Alt-folk darlings Wye Oak continue to evolve with Tween.
Wye Oak has demonstrated that it is not only possible to evolve while remaining true to one's artistic roots, but that it's crucial to staying alive.

A Little Nuggawisdom

After 20 years together, Slightly Stoopid continues to grow while sticking to their roots.
Now, with eight studio albums, four live albums and an EP under their belt, Slightly Stoopid is an octet.

Taking Shape

JAWWZZ!! is dead; long live Sculpture Club.
>The album itself demonstrates amazing growth, in both sound and lyrics.



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