The Old-World Way

SLC violin-maker preserves Old World traditions.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

... with City Weekly's 2016 alternative holiday playlist.

Auto Reverse

Have cassettes come back for good?

Turning the Tables

DJ Nate Lowpass overcame addiction and homelessness to spread big bass and good vibes.
Once he feels confident with the setup, he retires to the club's back room, where the thumping bass and kaleidoscopic lights are a bit less prominent.

Flux Capacity

Shining some light on amorphous Colorado "hydro funk" band SunSquabi.
"Our music is about energy, about love and about the things we all have in common, and that's what we want you to feel at our show."


Don't turkey, be happy with this Thanksgiving playlist.
Here's some music to go with that whole routine.

Crème Solide

After losing two members, The Posies continue to grow.
Take it as a metaphor for undergoing the fire of adversity to create the esteemed alt-rock/power-pop band's musical confection...

Me and Rick and Trevor

Three Yes men go back to the past to reclaim the present.
Their tour, with bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Louis Molino III in tow, began in early October and will keep them on the road through the spring of 2017.

Baby Daddies

Cult band Baby Gurl wants you to taste their crotchfruit.
Something you should know about Baby Gurl: They do nothing conventionally.

Marching Alone

The March Divide, aka popsmith Jared Putnam, does a lot by not quitting.
It's anthemic as hell, packed with songs that are relentlessly likable and catchy enough to make a crotchety music snob like me perk up and remember how to have fun with an album.

Hardy Har Mar

Har Mar Superstar's 16-year evolution ranges from manchild to man with childish tendencies.
"Baby. It's, like, 11 o'clock. You know we gotta get over to the mall. Because I can't lie to you. If you want to stay with me, you got to change your wardrobe."

More Than Words

Caspian finds the perfect mix of mood and message.
Their lyrics offer a narrative that makes further involvement all but unnecessary—a disposable commodity that's easily forgotten once those final notes fade away.

Groovy Times

Max Pain and the Groovies sign with Lolipop Records, move to New York City.
Skateboarding isn't usually associated with the kind of psychedelic-tinged rock 'n' roll they play, but it fits their spontaneous mode of creation.

Captivate and Provoke

After a near-fatal car accident and eventual retirement, Fantastic Negrito returns with a purpose.
Dphrepaulezz' live show is even more dynamic and engaging than his studio recordings would suggest.

Talking Shop

After 35 years together, U.K. synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys continues to embrace opportunities for growth.
Sales of 50 million records, three Brit Awards, six Grammy nominations and the distinction of being the most successful British duo of all time.


John Louviere embraces the pain of the past on The Future Is Now.
This is his second release as a solo artist, the second since a series of life-altering events including the death of his mother and going through a divorce.

Massé's Way

A father helps save his son through music.
After a series of crossfading photos of Mike and Noah in happier times, Massé wishes Noah a happy first birthday, then begins to play.

Pancakes and Chill

Provo singer-songwriter GABI talks Sea Glass, record deals and SLC Pink.
After listening to her music, you can understand why GABI is right at home with Chill Mega Chill.


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