Raw Dog

Songwriter Sam Smith returns with two bands, two albums and no filter.

Progress, Progress, Progress

From new romantic to tireless journeyman, Midge Ure stays true to his singular stance.

Escape to Wednesday

After one band cancels, three bands more than make up for it.

Packing a Punch

Singer-songwriter Sarah Anne DeGraw means business.
Neither smiling nor scowling, she wears a long black coat and matching bowler hat.

The Final Countdown

City Weekly music writers reflect on the best and worst of 2016 in 250 words or less.
Ubiquitous, obligatory, pedantic and rote, the year-end wrap-up piece is also a wank. All year long, music critics foist our opinions upon you, the readers.

Shits 'N' Gigs

Local musicians and non-musicians prepare for the fifth edition of Diabolical Records' Bandemonium.
Adam Tye said that the Bandemonium drawing would be uneventful. Yet, Diabolical Records is fairly cramped ...

Sorrow Times 36

SLC musicians support victims of the Oakland warehouse fire.
It's not necessary to have a personal connection to the victims; our humanity connects us.

I Believe in Ghosts

Remembering local artist and musician Bob Moss—five years gone, but not forgotten.
This local folk artist and musician just didn't have the time or inclination for small talk.

Crazy Crazy Bike

Diggin' the mysterious Balkan rock band Rock Ko Fol.
One looks like the Predator, another resembles a caricature of any chin-bearded '90s rap-rocker, and the other could be the spawn of Geddy Lee and Squidward.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

... with City Weekly's 2016 alternative holiday playlist.
On that note, let's join hands, gather around the tree and sing a bunch of wacky yuletide carols.

The Old-World Way

SLC violin-maker preserves Old World traditions.
Now it sits, anonymously, among hundreds of others in Peter Prier & Sons Violins in downtown Salt Lake City.

Turning the Tables

DJ Nate Lowpass overcame addiction and homelessness to spread big bass and good vibes.
Once he feels confident with the setup, he retires to the club's back room, where the thumping bass and kaleidoscopic lights are a bit less prominent.

Auto Reverse

Have cassettes come back for good?
A decade later, the Springfield, Mo.-based company handles "about 95 percent" of cassette duplications, from the tiniest independent labels to major-label conglomerate Universal Music Group.

Flux Capacity

Shining some light on amorphous Colorado "hydro funk" band SunSquabi.
"Our music is about energy, about love and about the things we all have in common, and that's what we want you to feel at our show."


Don't turkey, be happy with this Thanksgiving playlist.
Here's some music to go with that whole routine.

Crème Solide

After losing two members, The Posies continue to grow.
Take it as a metaphor for undergoing the fire of adversity to create the esteemed alt-rock/power-pop band's musical confection...

Me and Rick and Trevor

Three Yes men go back to the past to reclaim the present.
Their tour, with bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Louis Molino III in tow, began in early October and will keep them on the road through the spring of 2017.

Baby Daddies

Cult band Baby Gurl wants you to taste their crotchfruit.
Something you should know about Baby Gurl: They do nothing conventionally.


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