John Louviere embraces the pain of the past on The Future Is Now.

Talking Shop

After 35 years together, U.K. synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys continues to embrace opportunities for growth.

Massé's Way

A father helps save his son through music.

Pancakes and Chill

Provo singer-songwriter GABI talks Sea Glass, record deals and SLC Pink.
After listening to her music, you can understand why GABI is right at home with Chill Mega Chill.

On the Spot

Rhys Fulber creates in the moment as Conjure One.
Attracted mainly to electronic instruments, he got his start with synthesizers, writing music influenced by the somber tone of groups like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

A Moody Muse

Singer-songwriter Lera Lynn's rootsy noir leads to L.A. and True Detective.
The 31-year-old Nashville resident is so amiable and self-effacing, it's difficult to mistake her for the sleazy, strung-out barfly songbird she portrayed on the show's second season.

Lost in the Waves

Still Corners takes a deep dive with Dead Blue.
Since that serendipitous meeting, Murray and Hughes have collaborated on three albums together, beginning with 2008's self-released EP Remember Pepper.

My Charon-a

Psychedelic western blues-rockers return from tour in the black.
When your journey involves playing music for strangers in strange towns, the anticipatory magic multiplies.

Esoteric Trust

Fiercely original Icelandic trio Sigur Rós is reliably original.
That might suggest music too esoteric for most ears, but the band's consistently multiplying fan-base knows the truth

Flash Memories

SLC's hip-hop luminaries discuss the influence of Grandmaster Flash.
So to suggest a Caucasian Anglo new-wave semi-boy band performed the original version of one of rap music's seminal tracks (instead of vice versa) would certainly cause hateful outbursts.

Dots Come Full Circle

The Legendary Pink Dots are still DIY after all these years.
"We've basically gone back to doing everything ourselves. You can record everything at home now and get high-quality results."

Mutating Grace

Swans' new end marks a new beginning.
Gira says The Glowing Man (Young God/Mute), released in June, is the last album to be recorded by their current lineup.

Shred Lightly

Terence Hansen and his crossed-necked guitars.
His manager, Jos van Oost, helped get them custom-made through Heeres Custom Guitars, based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

In Stasis

Pondering the equilibrium of Rebecca Vernon and SubRosa.
As she became more of a rocker, she remained sweet and upbeat

Skozey the Alien

A material object regarded with extreme, occult trust or relevance.
One evening on a train to work, he noticed graffiti spelling out "Skizey," and he changed one letter to make Skozey.

Parks Go Pop

Provo folk darlings stay true to their identity while finding new ways to express it.
The show sold out, and the crowd was already singing along. "I stepped away from the mic," Parks says in a recent telephone interview with City Weekly.

Lounge Wizards

It's always been about the music at The Urban Lounge.
These clubs are like the playgrounds and tree forts from our childhood, the source of so many romanticized memories of summer songs

The Tao of the Dig

A music fan extols the virtues of crate-digging.
For a music fan, crate-diggin' is spiritual.


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