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Venue News: Bar Deluxe Staying Open, Even Stevens Local Showcase, Bleu Bistro

Hectic Hobo

Gypsy-rock band dig into society's seedy underbelly on new album

Local Natives

After releasing melancholy album, L.A. indie-rock band is starting a new chapter


L.A. rock band redefines what musicians are supposed to be
Ever since 2006, when they proved that a video of four men dancing on treadmills could capture the short attention spans of millions, OK Go has been the archetype for how a modern band stays relevant, especially in a music industry that struggles to grasp the changing habits of its listeners.

Lindsay Heath

SLC orchestral-rock musician took the long road with Holy Medicine
A musician can be their own worst enemy when trying to perfect their sound and record a monumental album. The versatile Lindsay Heath learned that lesson firsthand during the past four years while composing her orchestral-rock album Holy Medicine.

Ark Life

Denver folk-rock band keep things uncomplicated
When forming a band, planning is usually a good idea, especially when deciding on a lineup and what the sound will be like. After all, if one band member wants the project to focus on metal, and another wants to see what music they can make out of old beer cans and sticks, well ... let's just say it's smart to get everyone's expectations out on the table.

Run the Jewels

El-P and Killer Mike, performing Thursday at Twilight, are rap's toughest alliance
It seems the best one-two punches always come from rap duos who are willing to forego gimmicks, arrogance and braggadocio for greater art. When everything aligns just right, a good rap duo is capable of transforming the archaic into something simple, fresh and clean, like a crisp pair of laceless, shell-toed Adidas.

Those Darlins

Nashville band doesn't care how you define them
There are certain words that seem to accompany any online mention of Those Darlins. When describing the Nashville, Tenn., band's 2009 self-titled debut album—with its popular single "Red Light Love"—those words are usually "alt-country" and "cowpunk."

Black Flag

Hardcore band faces future with new frontman
A decade ago, veteran pro skateboarder Mike Vallely, known as Mike V, got the chance that every punk kid in the '80s wanted: to perform with Black Flag. Now, as of January, he's the veteran California hardcore band's full-time frontman.

Edie Carey & Sarah Sample

SLC/Chicago duo's lullabies aren't just for kids
Hearing a lullaby is one of childhood's most magical experiences. Sung softly in a quiet, nightlight-illuminated bedroom, lullabies provide comfort, lull the listener to sleep and keep the darkness of the night at bay.

Jay William Henderson

Singer-songwriter finds creative solitude in Utah's wilds
Human-built cathedrals are expansive, contemplative spaces, with sunlight slanting through stained-glass windows and vaulted ceilings reaching to the heavens.

Henry Wade

Local singer-songwriter releases Meet Your Creature
The mind can wander to strange places as sleep just begins to overtake it. For Holladay singer-songwriter Henry Wade, that's when his best music comes to him—and the phrase "comes to him" is the most accurate description of the phenomenon.

Guantanamo Baywatch

Portland surf-punk band hides sticky meaning in goofy lyrics
Most people were first exposed to oldies music—tunes by artists like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly—as kids, by their parents or grandparents. And when you’re that young, the lyrics usually don’t register in your brain; you might sing along, but not grasp what the words actually mean.


Sapient has a wonderfully weird approach to rap
A few months ago, Marcus Williams uploaded a video of himself sitting in his Portland, Ore., studio working on a rework of Macklemore’s Grammy-winning single “Thrift Shop.” “I’m gonna add a little bit of bass, and by a little bit, I mean the normal amount, which is a lot,” he says.

Rhythm & Blues Rendezvous

A fest to open your mind to the blues Saturday
Brian Kelm, host of KRCL’s Red, White & Blues show since 1980, has high praise for the blues. “The blues are the roots, and all other music—I don’t care what—are the fruits,” he says. “Without blues, you don’t have shit for music.

The Antlers

Brooklyn's Antlers confront the monster within on new album
In the psychological thriller Black Swan, protagonist Nina begins being haunted by a doppelgänger as she loses her grip on reality while preparing for the starring role in the ballet Swan Lake. The encounters start out merely as unsettling, such as when Nina passes “herself” on the sidewalk.


Utah supergroup honors Woodstock’s legacy at rooftop tribute show
In the summer of 1969, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair brought half a million people to a dairy farm outside the small town of Bethel, N.Y. Centered around a message of peace, love and music, the free weekend-long event featured a legendary lineup that included Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who and Creedence Clearwater Revival.


SLC band releases Keeping the Black Dog at Bay
It’s taken Dustbloom nearly three years to solidify themselves as a band—not just in nailing down a lineup, but also finding a musical style to fill their creative ambitions.


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