Catching Up With Westward the Tide

2014's Band of the Year is never the same band twice

Xmas Xlassix 2014

Escape cheesy holiday music with this weird and goofy Xmas playlist

Horse Feathers

Frontman Justin Ringle finds new energy for Portland band in collaborations

Music Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the music fan on your list
Trying to find a gift for someone who's into music can seem like a daunting prospect: "What if they already have this album?" But never fear: These music-themed gift ideas should help you find the perfect items to suit the taste of the music lovers on your list ...

Sturgill Simpson

The Nashville outsider isn't trying to save country music, but he might anyway
The profiles all begin the same way: Sturgill Simpson is here to save country music.

My Brightest Diamond

Detroit musician Shara Worden reclaims her body on dance-inspired new album
The music video for "Pressure," a sparkling new single by Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond, is filled with bodies in motion. Flailing, whirling, spinning, kicking, colliding and bending, ...

Albatross Recordings & Ephemera Moves

Also: Salt Lake Recording Service closes, Shred Shed moves and Funk 'N Dive opens
When Albatross Recordings & Ephemera and Diabolical Records opened in a shared space on Edison Street almost a year ago, they made a fitting match, with a passion for vinyl and other physical forms of music.

Death From Above 1979

Canadian punk duo finds life after death
In 2011, Jesse Keeler got an e-mail from his former Death From Above 1979 bandmate. It took him a little by surprise: He and Sebastien Grainger hadn't spoken in the five years since Death From Above flamed out at the height of its career ...

Secret Abilities

SLC pop-punk band revel in the horribleness of love
However wonderful it is in the beginning, love sure bites when it ends. Whether your former significant other broke up with you over the phone and then wouldn't return any of your stuff, or just flat-out stopped returning your calls ...


NYC rap group Ratking doesn't dwell on the city's past
On Black Star's 1998 single "Respiration," New York City native Mos Def says the line, "The shiny apple is bruised but sweet and if you choose to eat/ you could lose your teeth/ many crews retreat."

DJ Randy Stinson

Vintage footage reveals Randy Stinson's former life as a sought-after DJ
"If crowd appeal is any measure, then Randy is doing just fine because this place is hoppin'. The crowd in vintage '50s costume knows it, and if you don't believe it, then come on by and watch Randy slap down and spin around his stacks of hot wax—but don't expect to find a seat."


Oregon indie-rock group is shedding its identity as a "joke band"
For Portland, Ore., band Wampire, it all started as a joke. Only a duo then, Eric Phipps and Rocky Tinder came up with the idea for the name Wampire as a nod to a German exchange-student friend who would pronounce the "V" in "vampire" like a "W," ...


Shock-rock band searches for frontman Oderus Urungus and welcomes new Scumdogs
Oderus Urungus is gone. To some of you, that could mean a fungal infection has cleared. Our more discriminating readers know the sad truth. Oderus, lead singer of legendary shock-rock band Gwar, has ... disappeared.


Hip-hop producer and musician expands his creative scope by ditching sampling
RJ Krohn arrived with a bang. Deadringer, his 2002 debut as RJD2 for seminal post-millennial independent hip-hop label Definitive Jux, was a herald, a continent-wide swath of cinematic scope and subterranean grit ...

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Canadian indie-rock trio examines loss and finality on new album
The Japanese art form of kintsugi uses gold to strengthen and rebuild shattered ceramics. For Nils Edenloff, the lead singer and songwriter for the Alberta, Canada-based rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage, this was the perfect image to describe the feelings and themes presented on the band's new album, Mended With Gold, released in September.

Beats Antique

Electronic/world-fusion trio wants fans to let loose at the Creature Carnival
Despite the fact that concerts usually attract large crowds, they can be oddly nonsocial experiences. Being surrounded by strangers—even strangers who are fellow fans of the band—usually results in annoyed thoughts such as "If that guy steps on my foot one more time, I swear I'm gonna lose it" instead of any meaningful social interaction.

Les Sins, Lily & Madeleine

National CD Reviews: Michael, Fumes
Clip-art cover notwithstanding, Chaz Bundick drew great inspiration for Michael, the debut full-length from his Les Sins alias, from eminence grise corporate graphic designer Paul Rand.

The Afghan Whigs

Frontman Greg Dulli is inspired by living fast but mindfully
On Do to the Beast (Sub Pop), The Afghan Whigs' seventh album, main Whig Greg Dulli is in typical form, candidly and vividly brooding and purging through 10 guitar-driven, soul-infused tracks.


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