Lost Sense of Smell 

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If you lost your sense of smell, what scent would you miss the most?

Scott Renshaw: As long as I continue to have to walk to and from the office on Main Street, I’m thinking no sense of smell might actually be a risk I’m prepared to take.

John Saltas: Lilacs, bacon, coffee, oregano, basil, fresh-cut hay, new car interior, baby powder. All for the obvious reasons.

Collin Jefferies: The smell of coffee brewing in the morning. Some mornings it’s the only thing enticing enough for me to get out of bed.

Margaux Lodge: I would miss the smell of freshly cut grass and the smell of fall. Also, my husband’s Italian food.

Joseph Childs: I would miss the smell of Gain. It actually makes me want to do laundry. Without the olfactory reward, I would be left wearing dirty clothes.

Susan Kruithof: The smell of toast. It reminds me of my grandmother. She had the most miraculous toaster, the kind where you’d put in the bread and it would glide down. With over 10 kinds of jams and jellies and, of course, apple butter. I miss her.

Dan Nailen: With all due respect to the smell of my parents’ house, I’d really miss the smell of bacon. I’m sure one day I won’t be allowed to eat it anymore, but the smell of bacon at restaurants or wafting from homes in my neighborhood would be hard to live without.

Eric Peterson: That’s probably a three-way tie between coffee, old books and chicken wings. Coffee because it reminds me of my Dad, old books because they smell like wisdom and chicken wings because ... goddamn those are delicious.

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