Fault the True Culprits

Mark Alvarez in his opinion piece ["Welcome Home," Nov. 27, City Weekly] stated, "Independent contractor schemes, temporary agencies and various other tactics are used to skirt federal laws prohibiting employment of the undocumented".

Do You Know Your History?

Mr. Rasmuson, I enjoyed your column "Walk the Walk" [Dec. 18, City Weekly]. I found it very interesting.

Becker Does It Better

I always enjoy City Weekly's Hits & Misses column, and this week's version [Dec. 4, City Weekly], was no exception. Unfortunately, the Rocky III segment, while a nice complement to John Saltas' piece ["Mayor Maybe"], is wildly inaccurate.

Keep the Prison Central

Amid all the hullabaloo over location of a new prison, aren't we forgetting something really important? How successful can our prison be in rehabilitating offenders if we make it more difficult and costly for their families to visit?

A High Price for Trust

A hallmark of civilization is that we turn to courts to settle disputes. When a people, or a discrete minority, distrust the law, including officers, government and court officials, we pay a high price.

Hunters Are Not Sadists

While I respect Harold Rose's opinion as an advocate for free speech, I must admit I was put off by his implications [Letters, "What's Next?" Nov. 20, City Weekly].

Say His Name

The article "Monumental Decision" [Nov. 6, City Weekly] starts out mentioning President L.B. Johnson, then refers to our current president as just "Obama."

Yes, Polls Work

In Dale Curtis’ letter “Poll Puzzle” [Oct. 30, City Weekly] he asks of polls, “Are they simply a menace, or an accurate political and public tool?”

Poll Puzzle; Serving the Wrong Purpose

A recent poll shows that Mia Love is going to win in her efforts to go to Congress. Let's hope that prediction is as accurate as Dewey wins in a run for President.

Myths From the Inside

At age 42, for the first time in my life, I am in prison, and I've discovered 10 common prison myths:

Code Words

Members of churches can learn many skills in leadership. The problem I have with some local candidates is that they use "dog whistles" in their campaign literature to connect with an LDS audience.

Vote Everyone Out; Time Warp

I think it was very cute that Ray Hult, in his column "Mind the Gap" [Sept. 25, City Weekly], suggested we could solve all our problems by voting for Democrats in November.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind I watch from the small window of my cell as the city creeps closer to the perimeter of this prison, day by day and year by year, a car lot here and an apartment complex there, inching closer and closer.

Popular Thinking; We Need to Fight; Dangerous Lane

I am a longtime philosophy teacher and am constantly encountering problems with my students when it comes to the relationship between opinion, evidence and expertise.

Drink & Ride; Cycling Jam; Thanks for Nothing

Had to laugh when I read the “Booze Train” letter [Aug. 28, City Weekly], as I was probably one of those riders. Mr. Cotant must have boarded just after the close of the fifth-annual Utah Beer Festival, when hundreds of other responsible drinkers like me chose to ride public transportation rather than drink and drive.


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