Frost Made Me LOL

Lake Powell Is Good for Utah

Beware the Backlash

The PR Version of SB296

In regard to your commentary ["Dr. Strangelaw," Opinion, March 19, City Weekly], Brandon Burt stated: "The bill, which passed March 12 amid much fanfare by LGBT activists and LDS Church authorities alike, codifies the rights of people to be secure ...

Music & Memory

Thank you for a wonderful article on music therapy [Five Spot, March 5, City Weekly].

Where's the Ska?

I'm wondering why City Weekly has not included any ska or reggae in its Best of Utah Music categories ["Best of Utah Music 2015 Preview," Feb. 15].

Dirty-Energy Agenda

The GOP geniuses in the Legislature are quite possibly the most obtuse pack of money-grubbing miscreants on the planet.

Classmates With Rasmuson

I loved John Rasmuson's column ["Be My Valentine," Feb 12]. I was in the same class as he at Rosslyn Heights Elementary School. It brought back great memories ...

The Whole UTA Story

I would like to clarify some things written about Utah Transit Authority by City Weekly's Katharine Biele in her recent Hits & Misses ["Grueling World Travel," Feb. 5].

Applause for the Church

Applause for the Church I was both shocked and overjoyed upon hearing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has decided to support the passage of a statewide nondiscrimination law in Utah ["Hearing Voices," Jan. 29, City Weekly].

Don't Promote Circuses

Don't Promote Circuses I was disappointed to see an advertisement in the Jan. 15 issue of City Weekly for Jordan World Circus.

Enough About Gay Marriage Already

"Geez," I muttered, as I removed a copy of this week's City Weekly from the rack, "anotherarticle about same-sex marriage?" ["A Match Made in Heaven," Jan. 15].

They Don't Care About Our Transit

Our mass-transit needs for the next 20 years have already been planned.

First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Power

Poor Jon Huntsman Sr. He's unhappy that his bought candidate for U.S. Senator from Utah, Bob Bennett, lost to the Koch brothers' bought candidate for that same office, Mike Lee.

Fault the True Culprits

Mark Alvarez in his opinion piece ["Welcome Home," Nov. 27, City Weekly] stated, "Independent contractor schemes, temporary agencies and various other tactics are used to skirt federal laws prohibiting employment of the undocumented".

Do You Know Your History?

Mr. Rasmuson, I enjoyed your column "Walk the Walk" [Dec. 18, City Weekly]. I found it very interesting.

Becker Does It Better

I always enjoy City Weekly's Hits & Misses column, and this week's version [Dec. 4, City Weekly], was no exception. Unfortunately, the Rocky III segment, while a nice complement to John Saltas' piece ["Mayor Maybe"], is wildly inaccurate.

Keep the Prison Central

Amid all the hullabaloo over location of a new prison, aren't we forgetting something really important? How successful can our prison be in rehabilitating offenders if we make it more difficult and costly for their families to visit?


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