Letters, August 4, 2016

Cover story, July 21, "Holy Spirits" Ha that's chill. Jean Offret Via Facebook

Letters, July 28, 2016

Cover story, July 14, "I Will Be Mrs. Utah 2016" These may very well be intelligent women, but I still believe pageants feed into portraying women as a commodity. Imagine having men on stage, dressed up in suits and swimwear and then being judged?

Letters, July 21, 2016

Cover story: "Money To Burn," July 7 Not only is Jensen and Scott taking advantage of taxpayers, what about all of the other Chief Officers who are Double Dipping. They retire, then get rehired at a large salary, all the while collecting their retirement pay from the department.

Fanning the flames

Nuclear power
Fanning the flames If [UFA Fire Chief] Michael Jensen (and his cronies) worked for a private or public company, they would already be gone and likely charged with fraud ["Money to Burn," July 7, City Weekly]. They should be required to reimburse the taxpayers for their "side work pay" and they should be fired.

Letters, July 7, 2016

Counting casualties & Laughing out loud
Counting casualties If I could, I would like to give more information on the letter about the warring of the Demublicans [Letters, "A message for everyone," June 30, City Weekly]. Pakistan and Yemen are only two of the countries being droned.

Letters, June 30, 2016

Mormon power, A message for everyone and Society in decline
Mormon power In the just completed 2016 Utah legislative session: The frequent worst air in the nation was not even addressed. No teeth were added to the State's weak hate-crime law Health care was denied to a hundred-thousand poor residents.

Letters, June 23, 2016

Make City Weekly Great Again I have been an avid fan of City Weekly for many years. But today, when I read through your June 16 edition, I came across the following: 1.

Letters, June 16, 2016

Another false flag in Florida & "Thank the troops for what?"
Another false flag in Florida Three weeks ago I told my friends I would not be joining them at Gay Pride. Why?

Letters, June 9, 2016

What does he propose the armed enforcers do when they find someone skateboarding on a platform?
I think Mr. Cotant needs to man up. These things are not the end of the world.

Letters, June 2, 2016

A typical injustice, CW staff dishonors many and Pickleball revival
A typical injustice Colby Frazier's report on the mishandling of the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping [May 19, City Weekly, "The Smart Files"] would be shocking if the impossibility of justice in America weren't so typical. In fact, the only discordant note is sounded by Detective Cordon Parks, who remarks, as gratuitously as inaccurately, that "We don't actually have a lot of cases around here where innocent people are accused of crimes."

Letters, May 26, 2016

Abdi's Side & Family Ties
Abdi's Side Thank you so much for this piece [May 12, City Weekly, "My Life After the Bullets"]. I personally have not forgotten this tragic event and have been really disturbed by the lack of attention the story has been receiving.

Letters, May 18, 2016

The new courthouse is an ugly, scary box and more
The new courthouse is an ugly, scary box The new federal courthouse displays a prominent example of European "New Brutalism" architecture within Utah. GSA project manager Al Camp's commission for the building architects to serve the judges completely misses the point that government is designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the public.

Letters, May 11, 2016

Concerns for future generations, Lend me your [Bears] Ears and Socialism Never Works
Concerns for future generations Stan Rosenzweig says the coal business is slowly dying and will be pretty much gone by 2036 [May 5, 2016, City Weekly]. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Letters, May 5, 2016

Remember Me and Men Also Struggle With Abortion
Remember Me As to John Rasmuson's "Final Words" [Opinion, April 7, City Weekly], here's a verse from old graves in New England: "Remember me as you pass by As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you soon shall be.

Letters, April 28, 2016

Citing Brewvies a Grand Embarrassment, Honor Code Demeans Women and Suppport Revenue-Neutral Carbon Fees
Citing Brewvies a Grand Embarrassment The decision made by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to cite Brewvies Cinema Pub for serving alcohol to customers who were viewing the sexually explicit film Deadpool is completely outrageous and without merit ["Dead Porn," Private Eye, April 21, City Weekly]. In a state where politicians regularly decry the federal government's intrusion into our affairs, this kind of draconian, moralistic action is incredible.


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