Baseless Idea

Also: Party Poopers; Um, You Already Have That

It's Not Us, It's UTA

Also: Take Our Guns, Like It or Not

Smoke Signals

Also: Zero Stars, Dog Days

Murky Air

Also: Not Our Law, Constitution Criers
On a chilly October day, The Salt Lake Tribune reported on three air quality initiatives. One story talked about a National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration study that showed ozone being formed in the Uinta Basin.

Money Is All You Need

Also: Chit Chat, Salt & Wind
We in the print media understand television's time constraints, but some things are more important than a commercial break. Take the Utah Debate Commission's decision to allow only candidates who reached a 10 percent threshold in a poll.

For the Kids

Also: Delayed Response, Tear It Down
How should one illustrate the suffering of children who live with same-sex parents? Maybe not by using photos of them with their dads or moms and looking perfectly content.

Read All About It

Also: Healthy Herbert, Leaky Pipes
This is, of course, the time for The Salt Lake Tribune to be self-serving. It's time to tell readers just what they are getting from tenacious reporters who write important stories about people who abuse the public trust.


Also: Vote for School Board, Cops & Soldiers
In a state where Republicans have a virtual stranglehold on public office, you'd expect that the GOP would be arrogant and dismissive of the voting public. Like, what other choice do you have?

Point A to Point B

Also: Traffic Jam, Busy Bees
Thank you Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, for saying the Utah Transit Authority is worth a criminal investigation. This is not something to continually sweep under the rug.


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