Youth Suicide on the Rise

Legal Woes and Real Food Rising

Heroism Under Fire

Climate Change is Real & Bears Ears Showdown

Prison and Ecosystem

Hope for Education and Rebel Without a Cause

'Political Spitefest'

Coal Priorities & UTA Budget
Coal Priorities Let's start with Utah's highest priority: keeping the coal industry chugging along.

More Spencer Cox

San Juan County Voting and New Nuclear Energy
San Juan County Voting You know how it is these days with voting rights and the Republican majority: The elite know best and "democracy" is a bad word.

Mormons for Trump

Outing Uniformity and Park City, Patent Pending
Outing Uniformity Lest we forget Paul Mero, formerly of Sutherland Institute infamy, he's alive and kicking the common wisdom on Utah Politico Hub, self-described as a collective effort to examine and yes, gossip about politics.

A Hazy Dispute

Challenging the Clean Power Plan
The minute that the EPA announced it would require additional pollution controls on two Utah coal plants, out came the big guns.

Details, Please

And Barring Bars
Details, Please In today's world, you get more news from an Internet story's comment section than you do from the story itself.

Forget the Gender Binary

GOP Wins and Public Transit Failures
GOP Wins Democratic Party Chair Peter Corroon probably has a point, but since his party is but a pinprick in the state political quilt, it's unlikely anything will happen. The party filed a formal complaint with the lieutenant governor's office about the mail-in ballot process for statewide primaries, according to Utah Political Capitol.

Preserve Utah

Transparency Trials and Renters Beware
Transparency Trials Despite attempts to ensure that public business is just that, the quest for transparency in government is a long-shot at best. The good news is that, after decades of cloak-and-dagger business at Dugway Proving Ground, the U.S. Army recently released logs of thousands of experiments there.

Go Go GREENbike!

'Religious Freedom' and Conservative Education
'Religious Freedom' Utah was founded because of persecution, so it's no surprise that "religious freedom" has become a byword for our congressional delegation. The question is just whose religion they want to free, and from what.

Overdose Prevention

Not a 'Funding Priority' and Conflicts of Interests
Not a 'Funding Priority' It's always interesting to see what the Legislature considers a funding priority. Apparently, clean air is not one of them.

Public Land Disputes

Starry Nights Ahead and State of Denial
Public Land Disputes You really have to wonder about the state of a nation that touts the rule of law, but has no respect for the government that embodies that rule. Utah is just one of those.

The Mayor's Travel Ban

Sucking Up and Pooling Resources
Sucking Up and Pooling Resources

Rape Culture?

Nipping Nepotism and City vs. State
Nipping Nepotism and City vs. State

Rising Rents

The Decision Stands & Private Education
The Decision Stands Embarrassing as it is, the U.S. Supreme Court's stern reprimand of Utah was something of vindication for those weary of the state's land-grabbing intentions.

Let's Talk Sex

Voting 'Faithfully', STDs on the Rise, Not More Bureaucracy!
An after-school program sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Utah is at risk with the governor's decision to cut funding.

Easing Voters' Burden

Rocky Mountain Haze and Training For Cops
Rocky Mountain Haze Even our neighbors are raising a stink about our dirty air. But Utah is all about coal, investing in a California port and believing that there really is such a thing as a "clean" version of it.


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