Give 'Em Shelter

Also: Dem Votes, Grandfatherly Advice

Late Nights

Also: Locked In, Voter's Choice

Rocky III

Also: Off Target, Count Your Vote

High & Dry

Also: Nice Shot, Bottoms Up
You might note that Utah did not get the seven feet of snow that landed in New York. Even with winter and mountains, Utah is still a desert area, making water-sucking projects all the more baffling, ...

Speed Demons, Burned Out & Dog Days

Neither lives nor lungs can knock UDOT from its course.

Not Lovin' It

Also: Keep Your Distance, House & Home
A book. It's an interesting choice for The Salt Lake Tribune, motivated perhaps by money or that journalistic craving to be first. Whatever the reason, Mia Love: The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star has caused plenty of media chatter ...

Picture Perfect

Also: Building the Blues, Paper Trails
It's no wonder that people—well, women—don't want to run for office. You can never be sure that someone won't find a repulsive picture of you and use it in a campaign ad for your opponent.

Baseless Idea

Also: Party Poopers; Um, You Already Have That
Say "federal lands" in Utah, and you're likely to hear the boo-hiss of states'-rights advocates wanting to take them back. You know, people seem to think energy development and motorized recreation are more important than wild vistas and hiking into the sunset.

It's Not Us, It's UTA

Also: Take Our Guns, Like It or Not
Dear Esteemed Utah Transit Authority board members and BFFs: You know we in the Legislature love you, and we promise that, no matter what, we will still play golf with you, go to Jazz games and take international trips together.


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