Tribune Endorsed, More Booze Missteps, Hitting Homelessness

"In the era of social media, the endorsement of those within one's circle of friends is likely to carry much more weight than that of a news organization."

Presidential Polls, UTA Missteps, and New Fundraiser

This poll has 50 percent of respondents saying Donald Trump is the most honest candidate, while Hillary Clinton gets a measly 24 percent thumbs-up.

Drugmakers, Keeping Quiet, and Rock the Vote

This is a big deal in Utah where more than 4,600 people have died from drug overdoses in the past 10 years, 603 in 2014 alone.

P.E. Percentages, Public Lands and Poverty

There are 8,794 high-school boys in Utah who participate in football. No girls.

Living in Utah, crashing into the Great Salt Lake and WHAT?

Both PacifiCorp and the state are suing the Environmental Protection Agency for, uh, protecting the environment.

Healthcare Malaise, It's the Water and Protecting Parks

Humana is joining Arches Health Plan in leaving Utah's individual insurance marketplace.

Covering the Sabbath, Private Prisons and History Defaced

This was the story of an experiment by one LDS congregation to bring Mormon converts of disparate countries together in worship.

Poor ol' Phil

A Lifted Letter & Waterworld
Poor Ol' Phil What is it about the Deseret News and Phil Lyman? Once again on Sunday, the D-News featured the convicted scofflaw on its front page, and said he "doesn't believe" he broke the law.

The Monumental Dispute

Right to Bare Arms & Saving Lives and Money
The Monumental Dispute Parsing through the Bear Ears controversy is not unlike figuring out the Mideast crisis. This became clear in the comprehensive yet confusing coverage of the issue in the Deseret News.

Liquor Lawmakers

Get the Story Straight & Manning the Watershed
Liquor Lawmakers Actually, Utah legislators, it's not about the law so much. Research shows that parents are the key to teenage drinking.

Nuclear vs. Coal

If you want nuclear power, you might just have to sacrifice your beloved coal.

Youth Suicide on the Rise

Legal Woes and Real Food Rising
Youth Suicide on the Rise Without getting into the guns and drugs dialogue, there is bad news for Utah children on the mental health front.

Heroism Under Fire

Climate Change is Real & Bears Ears Showdown
Climate Change is Real Local climate-change advocates were heartened when Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest public oil company, came over to their side of the global warming and climate-change debate—sort of.

Prison and Ecosystem

Hope for Education and Rebel Without a Cause
Hope for Education Well, it looks like State School Board incumbent Leslie Castle is on her way out—that is, unless she somehow eeks enough votes to push out the second-highest vote-getter, Shelly Teuscher in a District 7 contest with odds-on favorite Carol Lear. Why is this significant?

'Political Spitefest'

Coal Priorities & UTA Budget
Coal Priorities Let's start with Utah's highest priority: keeping the coal industry chugging along.


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