Summer Guide 2016

Make Summer Great Some More
Dust off the tank top collection and bust out the heavy artillery SPF, baby ... summer is here!

Summer Guide

Best of Utah Music 2016

Local music fans, you set an all-time record for participation in City Weekly's Best of Utah Music 2016.

Best of Utah Music

City Guide 2016

The source for life in Salt Lake City
Time flies. I could have sworn that the phrase originated with Benjamin Franklin, but he didn't say it.

City Guide

Frightfully Delightful

Where to be for the holidays and New Year's Eve
City Weekly's Holiday & New Year's Eve Guide is here to help you break free of inertia. With festivites ranging from light displays and theatrical performances to electronic dance music shows and the biggest New Year's Eve bash in the state, there's always something jolly going around here.

New Year's Eve

Gift Guide 2015

More than 80 ways to give to the people you love (and buy local)
The air is cooler, the streets are filled with traffic and colored lights shimmer on houses and trees in anticipation of the big event. The days are ticking by, and it's "game on." What game? Holiday shopping.

Gift Guide

Witches Be Like...

City Weekly’s 2015 Guide to Local Frights and Fun
Everyone's afraid of something, the saying goes. For that, you can thank your amygdala, an almond-shaped region of the brain that, when stimulated, causes intense emotion, such as aggression or fear. But along with fear, say studies published in a 2010 Current Biology journal article, comes fascination.



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