Going the Distance, Knight & Day, Parks & Recreation, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Special Relationship 

New DVD releases Tuesday, Nov. 30

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Going the Distance

A ridiculously cute couple (ridiculously cute Drew Barrymore and Justin Long) try to make long-distance love work, despite interference from his single buds and her married sister; alternating smoochy/raunchy gags ensue.
(Warner Bros.)

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Knight & Day
A possibly crazy covert spy (Tom Cruise) and a definitely dumb blonde (Cameron Diaz) become embroiled in an international plot to steal … the world’s most powerful battery? Still, it beats the hell out of Killers.

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Parks & Recreation: Season 2
The hysterical season that blew away The Office on every front—and yet Season 3 is still on the shelf because of Outsourced, WTF? See: Possum attacks! The summer catalog! Corn-syrup terror! Gay penguins! MouseRat! Mustaches! And more!

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
A good sorcerer with bad hair (Nicolas Cage) must defend New York City from a bad sorcerer with good hair (Alfred Molina), so he enlists a novice protégé with so-so hair (Jay Baruchel) to help. Based on the more realistic cartoon.

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The Special Relationship
Ridiculously cute couple Tony Blair and Bill Clinton (ridiculously cute Michael Sheen and Dennis Quaid) try to make long-distance love work, despite interference from world politics, scandal and that darned Hillary (Hope Davis).

More New DVD Releases (Nov. 30)
Beyonce: I Am World Tour, Cairo Time, Sid & Marty Kroft’s Saturday Morning Hits, UFO: The Secret History, Vampires Suck, Waking Sleeping Beauty

Bill Frost

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