Gift Guide 2013

101 gifts for guys & gals from Utah's local shops
You did it. You waited in line, you threw elbows and you got that 55-inch TV for just $100. Well ... now what? If you’re feeling a little ... empty, you’re not alone.

Gift Guide 2012

100 gift ideas from over 60 local shops
We spend a few minutes on Thanksgiving remembering what we’re thankful for. But the next day (or maybe even that night), all many can think about is what they want give and receive for Christmas.

Gift Guide 2011

Great picks from local shops
You’re a socially conscious, progressive-thinking human being. Your friends are all occupying. You’ve transferred your hard-earned dough from a national bank to a local credit union. But now it’s the holiday season, and people expect gifts and holiday cheer. How can you put smiles on the faces of friends and family without also putting money in the pockets of evil corporations?

2010 Gift Guide

City Weekly's Local Guide to Gift Giving
It’s the most wonderful time of the year–to buy local. If you haven’t jumped on the “buy local” sleigh yet, what are you waiting for? Buying from local businesses supports the local economy...

How to Build a Gingerbread House

The last time I constructed a gingerbread house, my dog polished it off, right down to the box that housed its pre-fab walls. Twenty years later, I re-embraced the holiday spirit and ventured forth to

How to Arrange Holiday Flowers

When I was a journalist in England, I became unlikely friends with a one-time high-flying, then disgraced financial public relations guru called John Addey. He had a passion for vases of cut flowers t

How to Brew Your Own Beer

If the recession is taking a bite out of your beer budget, now may be the time to unleash your inner hopped-up mad scientist and start home brewing. If the chemistry of brewing seems intimidating, fea

How to Pick Mushrooms

My curiosity about mushrooms blossomed when a giant, pristine specimen popped up under the canopy of pumpkin leaves in my garden. Tempted by the gift, I checked the Internet to sleuth whether this to

How to Hunt & Kill a Wild Turkey

Whether given to friends or family, a holiday dinner makes a great gift. It provides a leisurely time with (ideally) great company gathered around food that should go beyond boxed stuffing, powdered m

How to Intonate a Guitar

As in a real, honest-to-Jimi electric guitar—not a Guitar Hero controller, kiddies. Setting the intonation on an electric guitar (making it play in tune at every point along the neck) is a simpl

Shop Girl

Christa knows just where to find that certain something for someone.
From New York City to Los Angeles, Bangkok to Cannes, I’ve been around the world participating in my favorite sport: shopping. And when I come home, I can still indulge in unfettered retail ther

Let Them Eat Fruitcake

Inspired goodies for people who love food and knives.
Being a creature of impulse with little self-control, I find it difficult in my line of work to exhibit restraint. (Each week, for example, I am forcibly ejected for sweet-tooth sins from the ice-crea

Influential Gifts

It’s important to remember our elected folk in this season of giving.
Our public servants work so tirelessly on our behalf that it is only fitting to show them our appreciation (Utahns are justly renowned for showing appreciation) during the holiday season. Though they

Guilty Treasures

Gather up a decade of the best/worst music in one convenient track list.
How long can you stand apart from a song, revering it with ironic snark before it morphs into genuine love? I’ve embraced my passion for good-bad music for a good 10 years now. Incredible tunes

How to Race

Got somebody on your holiday gift list with a need for speed? Miller Motorsports Park has everything necessary to give the gift of … thrills. For anyone who ever dreamed of racing cars, motorcy

How to Grow a Garden

The old maxim goes that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. And you know that the sentiment applies to the Earth’s bounty as well

The Gift of Survival

How to make it, grow it, pick it, brew it, race it, arrange it, intonate it & kill it.
It’s been a hell of a year. Some say 2009 braved the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And it still doesn’t feel like Christmas, does it? Even though some say the rece

Gift Guide 2009

Where to buy it, how to make it. Easy.
This holiday season, the rotten economy and flu fears have oddly conspired to make the World of Wasatch a better place ...

'Tis the Season

Have you seen Merriness and Mirth? They've gone missing, likely snatched by a Wall Street grinch. And it's left a chill in the air that isn’t an Arctic front. But take heart: City Weekly is here to revive your frostbitten holiday cheer.

Thirty Buck Chuck

With these secret tips, your gift recipients will never know how cheap you really are.
Oh Lord, it's going to be a hard-candy Christmas this year! With the economy giving us lumps of coal and onions in our Christmas stockings, my anxieties are running high as to how I'll shower love on my "most important."

Bullying the Jukebox

Ryan Bradford knows what’s best for your musically starved children.
Dear Mom and Dad, nI know music isn’t your thing; increasingly confusing band names (Clap your hands and say what?) and know-it-all record stores aren’t much help, either. In spite of all these obstacles, it may seem easier to just get me an iTunes gift card. Hell, I may ask for one, but please, do not heed my requests! nYou see, despite the convenience of digital downloads, they&rsqu...

Gifted Thinking

Where critical thought meets the material world.
Yes, we writers are idealists; we constantly seek a better world. And with this issue, we’re applying that idealism to shopping.

The Year's Best Fiction

A good novel will merry up anyone's holiday.
Not long ago, publishing's wise old heads bet we would be so preoccupied with defibrillating the American dream at the polls in 2008 we wouldn't have time to dream in fiction. And they were right.

2007 Gift Guide: Holly Jolly Central

It’s November 22. Do you know where your perfect gift is? Why, oh why, you might be asking, do we put ourselves through this torment every year? The crowds, the lines, the expense … all to hand off a cheerfully wrapped box with the ideal...

2007 Gift Guide | Prezzies That Impress: Becoming a gift guru is easier than you think

We spend sleepless nights racking our brains, countless hours with other frustrated shoppers in freezing outdoor shopping centers. Still, we come home empty-handed and aggravated. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of cocoa and relax. See if I can’t...

2007 Gift Guide | Book ’Em: Spread the good word for the holidays

Forget about silkscreen T-shirts, mix-tapes, or even the Sharper Image catalog of wonders, there’s nothing as personal as a book. For every personality, every reading level, there’s a book out there waiting to provide that lucky recipient...

2007 Gift Guide | Lust in the Kitchen: The stuff you want, the stuff you need, the stuff that’ll make cooks cream

I’ve been particularly good this year, and I hope Santa has taken note. Because you know the saying: It ain’t over ’til the fat man slices. And I lust for a fancy mandoline under the tree this Christmas. Not the little eight-stringed...

2007 Gift Guide | Score With Music: Gain hipster cred by giving music Ryan Bradford says they’ll like

We all know you have killer taste in music. But, while it might seem like a good idea to burn a copy of Radiohead’s In Rainbows as a gift, it’s not an idea all will appreciate. Often, those lacking similar musical “prowess” prefer...

2007 Gift Guide | Living in the Present: Coming up short on gift ideas? Let the CW staff engage your inner Santa

It’s hard to know what others might like to receive this holiday season, but each of us knows what we’d like to unwrap come winter solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or yuletide. So, in an effort to spark your gift-buying frenzy, members...

Gift Guide 2006

Gift It Up: City Weekly puts the X back in Xmas
The holiday season: In like a tsunami, out like a tsunami. But sometimes, at least, it’s a warm pleasant wave frothing with good vibes and good cheer. But always on steroids, unless you’re new to town and have only one friend … someone on...


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