Reservoir Dog Days

Jordanelle Reservoir offers a unique summer escape for cooling off.
Construction on the dam lasted from 1987 until 1993, after which it still took more than two years for the reservoir to fill to capacity.

Trail Mix

Bountiful's Mueller Park Trail is just one of many outings
Forays beyond Salt Lake Valley's canyons and shoreline trails are surprisingly easy.

Powder Report

On the heels of the first winter storms, here's what's new at Utah resorts.
Now that it is actually snowing, don't waste any more precious time. Give thanks by clipping back into your bindings and checking out what's happening on Utah's finest resort ski slopes.

In Tents Cold

Winter camping doesn't have to be unpleasant if you know how to prepare.
As winter approaches, grizzly bears become hyperphagic: That is, during this annual autumnal phase, bears aggressively consume as much food as possible, packing on essential body fat they will need to survive until spring. Even with all this preparation, bears' basic bodily functions slow as they enter hibernation, allowing them to conserve energy through long winters in their dens.


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