Creature Comforts

Protected areas help wildlife challenged by human encroachment
An adolescent moose—still young and naïve—used to wander a circuit around the house where I lived one winter in Wilson, Wyo.

Hitting the Wall

Indoor climbing gyms offer a winter alternative to outdoor recreation
A half-dozen people are sitting in a line of plastic chairs, all facing a gray wall covered with red, yellow, blue, green and black knobs of distorted plastic. There isn't much chatter. One woman thumbs through a magazine.

Grouse Under Pressure

Hunting season can be an excuse for an autumn mountain expedition
Autumn seemed to come and go quickly this year. Or, maybe I was just more occupied than normal.

Ski Prep

With a nip of fall in the air, get fully ready to enjoy the snow season
There's no denying that we have rounded a corner in the seasons. I noticed it weeks ago when I walked out my front door, felt my skin prick against the cool damp air and smelled an earthy blend of wet leaves and wood smoke.

Wilderness First-Aid

Wilderness first-aid knowledge is an essential tool for outdoor recreation
Waking up in the passenger seat of his friend's car on a recent trip to Jackson Hole, Nate Smith expected to see the canine tooth of Grand Teton reaching across the sky.

Run Like a Girl

Ladies-only events provide a chance for working out to a different set of expectations
For my boyfriend, carrying my skis to the top of the ridge was not an act of chivalry—it was a strategy.

Beautiful Game

Local pickup soccer keeps the World Cup spirit alive
Argentina was my team during the final game of the 2014 World Cup, and I'm still trying to get over the disappointment. Every newspaper photo I see of Lionel Messi hanging his head like a scolded puppy wrings sorrow from my heart.

Cooler Climbs

Hot summer days call for mountain escapes
Recently, as I lay on my side with a green stretchy band around my feet, kicking my legs apart against the resistance until I felt the burn in my glutes (it’s great cross-training for things like hiking Mount Olympus) the class instructor turned to us and asked, smiling, “Are you all looking forward to the hot weather?”

Independence Day Fireworks 2014

Where to watch Utah’s Independence Day fireworks displays
The reddest of red states certainly loves to get its red, white & blue on when patriotic holidays roll around. Up and down the Wasatch Front—and into the Wasatch Back and communities beyond—the Fourth of July sky will be filling with colorful explosions, generally set to everyone’s favorite stirring anthems.

Olympian Effort

Taking a pilgrimage of pain to the summit of Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus—mountain of the gods. One of the most iconic and prominent mountains in the Wasatch range, it rises almost 5,000 feet above the Salt Lake Valley floor, the summit reaching 9,028 feet, topped with an acropolis of red granite.

Making Preservations

Take an opportunity to help keep wilderness areas pristine.
On June 7, while many were just reaching for their morning cups of coffee, about 100 dedicated souls laced up their boots and prepared for a long day out on the trail. But they weren’t there just to smell the flowers; this group gathered for a cause.

Swell Season

Soaking in the beauty of San Rafael Swell during a spring trip.
Pictographs and petroglyphs drawn and etched on the walls by the early Fremont people are some of the many treasures found in the crevasses of the San Rafael Swell, an uplift of rock that thrust upward 40 to 60 million years ago.

Branching Out

Arborists translate job skills into competitive tree-climbing
Riding my bike past Liberty Park on a particularly warm April day this spring, I spied a man dangling from one of the park’s giant Siberian elms, the soles of his shoes 30 feet above the ground.

Of Salt, Sea & Stone

A journey to Utah's Spiral Jetty
Each time I’ve contemplated trips to the Spiral Jetty—far out on the north end of the Great Salt Lake—the remoteness of the site deterred me. It’s such a commitment, I would tell myself.


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