Oct.30-Nov. 5: Breaking Good

Be kind, but don't lose your edge, Scorpio

Oct. 23-29: Fun to Cheat

Seek easy victories, Scorpio

Oct. 16-22: Crack-Up

Reward yourself, Libra

Oct. 9-15: Get Naughty

You need to be naughtier, Libra
“I am naughtiest of all,” wrote poet Emily Dickinson in a playful letter to Maggie Maher, dated October 1882.

Oct. 2-8: Troll Dolls

Express one of your talents on a higher level, Libra
When Jimmy Fallon was a senior in high school, he received a weird graduation gift: a troll doll, one of those plastic figurines with frizzy, brightly colored hair. Around the same time, his mother urged him to enter an upcoming comedy contest at a nearby club.

Sept. 25-Oct. 1: Three Women

Be brave, Libra
“I am a seed about to break,” wrote Sylvia Plath in her poem “Three Women.” That’s how I see you right now, Libra. You are teeming with the buoyant energy that throbs when a seed is ready to sprout.

Sept. 18-24: Billionaires Use Astrology

Get richer quicker, Virgo
I rarely waste my time trying to convert the "skeptics" who attack astrology with a hostile zeal that belies their supposed scientific objectivity. They're often as dogmatic and closed-minded as any fundamentalist religious nut.

Sept. 11-17: Astounding Achievement

Master a skill, Virgo
In 1786, Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard were the first explorers to reach the top of 15,781-foot Mont Blanc on the French-Italian border. They were hailed as heroes.

Sept. 4-10: Flair and Aplomb

Assess your distribution of luck, Virgo
"I have a hypothesis that everyone is born with the same amount of luck," says cartoonist Scott Adams. "But luck doesn't appear to be spread evenly across a person's life.


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