Freewill Astrology: Expressing Optimism

Horoscope for Jan. 19-25

Freewill Astrology: Tree of Jesse

Horoscope for Jan. 12-18

Freewill Astrology: Golden Statues

Horoscope for Jan. 5-11

Freewill Astrology: Astrological Omens

Horoscope for Dec. 29-Jan. 4
"Nothing can hold you back ... not your childhood, not the history of a lifetime, not even the very last moment before now. In a moment you can abandon your past."

Freewill Astrology: Better than ever Before

Horoscope for Dec. 22-28
His work appears on many "must-read" lists of 19th-century American literature.

Freewill Astrology: Heart-To-Hearts

Horoscope for Dec. 15-21
Despite this discouraging evidence, I guarantee that you will have the potential to meet with Future Versions of You on a regular basis during the next nine months.

Freewill Astrology: Onslaught of Magnificence

Horoscope for Dec. 8-14
I'm sure you've noticed that some people are unskilled at welcoming such glory; they prefer to keep their lives tidy and tiny.

Freewill Astrology: Mom's Womb

Horoscopes for Dec. 1-7
The coming weeks will be an excellent phase to attempt a similar if somewhat less extravagant trick.

Freewill Astrology: Fiercely Devoted

Horoscopes for Nov. 24-30
I suspect that you might at least be flirting with these extreme states in the coming weeks.

Freewill Astrology: Cozy Spot

Horoscopes for Nov. 17-23
In accordance with your astrological omens, I suggest we give it another chance.

Freewill Astrology: Run Away

Horoscopes for Nov. 10-16
After studying the astrological omens, Scorpio, I'm guessing you can benefit from hearing this information.

Freewill Astrology: Something Better

Horoscopes for Nov. 3-9
I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because you're in a favorable phase to rebrand yourself.

Freewill Astrology: Superb Panache

Horoscopes for Oct. 27-Nov. 2
It's time to be stronger than your fears and wilder than your trivial sins.

Freewill Astrology: Novel Impulses

Horoscopes for Oct. 13-19
I say this because the astrological omens suggest you will have an extraordinary capacity to surprise yourself.

Freewill Astrology: Psychological Achievement

Horoscopes for Oct 6-12
Libra: The next 10 months should bring you the best chance ever to figure out exactly what you want the most.

Freewill Astrology: Pesky Demon

Horoscopes for Sept. 29- Oct. 5
What's next? Here's my guess: an unprecedented exemption from the demands of the past.

Freewill Astrology: Cultivate Generosity

Horoscopes for Sept 22-28
The coming weeks and months will be a good time to experiment.

Freewill Astrology: Surge of Grace

Horoscopes for Sept 15-21
Rousing connections could become almost routine, and useful revelations might proliferate.


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