Feb. 26-March 4: Gritty & Growly

Channel that soulful mojo, Pisces

Feb. 19-25: Treasured Secret

Declare your intention to achieve full understanding, Pisces

Feb. 12-18: Fantasies Unfulfilled

Give yourself to a sumptuous meditation, Aquarius

Feb 5-11: Lightning Rod

You will have to be well-grounded, Aquarius
In 1753, Benjamin Franklin published helpful instructions on how to avoid being struck by lightning during stormy weather. Wear a lightning rod in your hat, he said, and attach it to a long, thin metal ribbon that trails behind you as you walk.

Jan. 29-Feb. 4: New Power

You will grow into it, Aquarius
In 1899, the King of the African nation of Swaziland died while dancing. His only son, Sobhuza, was soon crowned as his successor, despite being just four months old.

Jan 22-28: Serious Passion

Embrace the central purpose of your destiny, Aquarius
According to my analysis of the long-term astrological omens, 2015 is the year you can get totally serious about doing what you were born to do. You will be given the chance to slough off all that's fake and irrelevant and delusory.

Jan. 15-21: Ripen Underground

Safeguard the new possibilities you're incubating, Capricorn
Most plants move upwards as they grow. Their seeds fall to the ground, are blown off by the wind, or are carried away by pollinators. But the peanut plant has a different approach to reproduction.

Jan. 8-14: Smart Mockingbird

What initially disturbs you may ultimately excite, Capricorn
Songwriter RB Morris wrote a fanciful poem in which he imagines a smart mockingbird hearing rock & roll music for the first time. "When Mockingbird first heard rock/ He cocked his head and crapped/ What in the hell is that? ...

Jan. 1-7: Revitalize Yourself

This will be a year of renaissance, rejuvenation, and reinvention, Capricorn
Even in normal times, you are a fount of regeneration. Your ever-growing hair and fingernails are visible signs of your nonstop renewal. A lot of other action happens without your conscious awareness.

Dec. 25-31: Confusing or Disruptive

Welcome revelations, Capricorn
When he was 37 years old, actor Jack Nicholson found out that Ethel May, the woman he had always called his mother, was in fact his grandma. Furthermore, his "older sister" June was actually his mom, who had given birth to him when she was 17.

Dec. 18-24: Savage Desire

Invigorate your lust for life, Sagittarius
"A savage desire for strong emotions and sensations burns inside me: a rage against this soft-tinted, shallow, standardized and sterilized life." So says Harry Haller, the protagonist of Hermann Hesse's novel Steppenwolf.

Dec. 11-17: Future Creation

Lay the foundations, Sagittarius
Harper Lee was born and raised in Alabama. At the age of 23, she relocated to New York City with hopes of becoming a writer. It was a struggle. To support herself, she worked as a ticket agent for airline companies.

Dec. 4-10: Practical Actions

Push for constructive transformations, Sagittarius
With both symbolic and practical actions, Sagittarius-born Pope Francis has tried to reframe the message of the Catholic Church. He's having public showers installed for the homeless in Vatican City.

Nov. 27-Dec. 3: Quirky Proclivities

De-emphasize the constraints of reason, Sagittarius
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was an Italian astronomer, physicist, and mathematician who is sometimes called "the father of modern science."

Nov. 20-26: Raw Materials

If you want to create a durable thing that can last as long as concrete...

Nov. 13-19: Mediocre Sex

Your future will be filled to the brim with finer things, Scorpio
"Sex is like pizza," said comedian Mel Brooks. "Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." That's a generalization, of course. I'm sure you can think of times in your past when mediocre pizza and mediocre sex were just plain mediocre.

Nov. 6-12: Being Brave and Brazen

Plan a daring exploit this week, Scorpio
Near the end of the 19th century, an American named Annie Londonderry became the first woman to ride a bicycle around the world.

Oct.30-Nov. 5: Breaking Good

Be kind, but don't lose your edge, Scorpio
In AMC's famous TV drama, a high school chemistry teacher responds to his awful luck by turning to a life of crime. The show's title, Breaking Bad, refers to what happens when a good person cracks and veers over to the dark side.


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