Oct. 1-7: Accomplishments and Adventures

Don't be weighed down, Libra

Sept. 24-30: Refined, Dignified

Grow with feral abandon, Libra

Sept. 17-23: Measured and Reasonable

The world needs more of your benign kind of egotism, Virgo

Sept. 10-16: Wildly Constructive

Develop a more relaxed relationship with perfectionism, Virgo
I hope it's not too late or too early to give you a slew of birthday presents. You deserve to be inundated with treats, dispensations, and appreciations.

Sept. 3-9: Voodoo Child

Dream up extravagant brags, Virgo
"I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand." So sang Jimi Hendrix in his raucous psychedelic tune "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)." We could view his statement as an example of delusional grandiosity, and dismiss it as meaningless.

Aug. 27-Sept. 2: Agile Curiosity

Disengage from your fascination with control, Virgo
At least for now, I suggest you suspend the quest for order and refinement and perfection. The wise course of action is to disengage from your fascination with control, and instead give yourself to the throbbing, erratic pulse of the Cosmic Wow.

Aug. 20-26: Relaxed Intensity

Be fruitful, Leo
English author Barbara Cartland published her first novel at age 21. By the time she died 77 years later, she had written more than 700 other books. Some sources say she sold 750 million copies, while others put the estimate at two billion. In 1983 alone, she churned out 23 novels.

Aug. 13-19: Crooked, Wobbly, Eccentric

Appreciate a different kind of beauty, Leo
Many people harbor the unconscious bias that beauty resides primarily in things that are polished, sleek, and perfect.

Aug. 6-12: Dormant Creativity

Intensify your lust for life, Leo
"What are the best things and the worst things in your life, and when are you going to get around to whispering or shouting them?" This question was posed by Leo author Ray Bradbury in his book Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity.

July 30-Aug. 5: Amazed Amusement

Awakening and activation will come naturally, Leo
I expect you to be in a state of constant birth for the next three weeks. Awakening and activation will come naturally. Your drive to blossom and create may be irresistible, bordering on unruly. Does that sound overwhelming?

July 23-29: Variety of States

Your probable mix for the coming days, Leo
A researcher at the University of Amsterdam developed software to read the emotions on faces. He used it to analyze the expression of the woman in Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

July 16-22: Brisk Delight

An imaginative soul isn't predictable, Cancerian
"A poet must not cross an interval with a step when he can cross it with a leap." That's an English translation of an aphorism written by French author Joseph Joubert.

July 9-15: Work Backwards

Visualize the blossoms that will come from the seeds you're planting, Cancer
When novelist John Irving begins a new book, his first task is to write the last line of the last page. Then he writes the second-to-last line. He continues to work backwards for a while until he has a clear understanding of the way his story will end.

July 2-8: Rough Magic

This magic will lead you to useful breakthroughs, Cancer
"I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I am doing," said composer John Cage in describing his creative process. That's excellent counsel for you to meditate on, Cancerian.

June 25-July 1: Potent Start

Name your budding creations well, Cancer
In its early days, the band Depeche Mode had the infinitely boring name Composition of Sound. Humphrey Bogart's and Ingrid Bergman's classic 1942 film Casablanca was dangerously close to being called Everybody Come to Riack's.

June 18-24: Create New Paths

Forgo the paths that others have built, Gemini
Before E. Annie Proulx became a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, she wrote a series of how-to books, including a dairy foods cookbook and an instructional text on making your own hard cider.

June 11-17: Take Action

You need to be more commanding than usual, Gemini
I think it'll be better if you don't engage in much sacrifice, compromise, or surrender in the next two weeks. Normally they are valuable tools to have at your disposal, but for now they may tend to be counterproductive.

June 4-10: New Ideas

Are your possibilities crazy enough to be true, Gemini?
Nobel Prize-winning physicists Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr were both amused at how counterintuitive their innovative theories seemed. Once Pauli was lecturing a group of eminent scientists about a radical new hypothesis. Bohr got out of his seat in the audience and walked up to the front to interrupt his colleague.



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