July 31-Aug. 6: Fires Arising

You can’t imagine what it is yet, Leo

July 24-30: About Camelot

Discover the element of your destiny, Leo

July 17-23: Last Minute

You will complete a breakthrough, Cancer

July 10-16: Chinese Law

Initiate long-term growth, Cancer
Since 1981, Chinese law has stipulated that every healthy person between the ages of 11 and 60 should plant three to five trees per year.

July 3-9: Source of Beauty

Find what's been missing or forgotten, Cancer
The Venus de Milo is a famous Greek statue that’s more than 2,100 years old. Bigger than life size, it depicts the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Its current home is the Louvre Museum in Paris, but for hundreds of years it was lost—buried underground on the Greek island of Milos.

June 26-July 2: Impossible Scenario

If you could harness the energy from a typical lightning bolt, you would be able to use it to toast 100,000 slices of bread. That’s an impossible scenario, of course.

June 20-26: Hidden From the Light

Show your secrets, Cancer
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of Japanese art that is never on display. It consists of 6,600 wood-block prints created by artists of the ukiyo-e school, also known as “pictures of the floating world.”

June 13-19: 10 Times More Vivid

Be a soulful, wonder-filled explorer, Gemini
Your brain absorbs about 11 million pieces of information every second, but is consciously aware of less than .001 percent of all that richness. Or at least that’s usually the case.

June 6-12: Beauty Will Explode

Be delighted and enchanted, Gemini
In Marcel Proust’s novel Swann’s Way, the narrator speaks of how profoundly inspired he is by an older writer named Bergotte: “Each time he talked about something whose beauty had until then been hidden from me,


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