Aug. 28-Sept.3: Real Confidence

Be a bolder and crisper version of yourself, Virgo

Aug. 21-27: Art For Food

Know the value of what you have, Leo

Aug. 14-20: Hiding Hand

Access new resources and creativity, Leo

Aug. 7-13: Expansion!

Write down your intentions, Leo
Every 12 years, the planet Jupiter spends about a year cruising through the sign of Leo. It's there with you now, and will be with you through early August, 2015. What can you expect? EXPANSION! That's great, right?

July 31-Aug. 6: Fires Arising

You can’t imagine what it is yet, Leo
The Earth has been around for almost 4.6 billion years. But according to scientists who study the fossil records, fire didn’t make its first appearance on our planet until 470 million years ago.

July 24-30: About Camelot

Discover the element of your destiny, Leo
According to the legends about Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, the boy who would ultimately become King Arthur didn’t know he was heir to the throne while he was growing up.

July 17-23: Last Minute

You will complete a breakthrough, Cancer
Mozart debuted his now-famous opera Don Giovanni in Prague on October 29, 1787. It was a major production, featuring an orchestra, a chorus and eight main singers.

July 10-16: Chinese Law

Initiate long-term growth, Cancer
Since 1981, Chinese law has stipulated that every healthy person between the ages of 11 and 60 should plant three to five trees per year.

July 3-9: Source of Beauty

Find what's been missing or forgotten, Cancer
The Venus de Milo is a famous Greek statue that’s more than 2,100 years old. Bigger than life size, it depicts the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Its current home is the Louvre Museum in Paris, but for hundreds of years it was lost—buried underground on the Greek island of Milos.


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