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City Weekly readers have long sought out our street boxes for what's inside: a weekly newspaper covering local news, arts and entertainment. Now, they have a new reason to look for our boxes: Public art.

See the Final pieces!
Our 5 art-tastic street boxes will be on display during the 2013 Utah Arts Festival next to the Leonardo on Library plaza. The permanent location of their post-festival home will be revealed at a later date.

Out of Box Artist

University of Utah Multi-Discplinary Design

Posted // June 21,2013  -   MDD TEAM: Evan Howard Stella Liechty Court Skabelund DJ Stuart Tanner Gould James Agutter ...

Out of Box Artist


Posted // June 21,2013  -   For the last 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to travel the World and Create. I&rsqu ...

Out of Box Artist

Hannah Skolnick

Posted // June 21,2013  -   Cultivated by a graphic designer with a passion for jewelry and a love affair with a laser ...

Out of Box Artist

Blake Dimick

Posted // June 21,2013  -   I  am 32 years of age and I currently live in Murray UT,  but have lived all over the Sa ...

Out of Box Artist

Jeff Hale

Posted // June 21,2013  -   As a primarily self-taught artist, Hale has developed an organic and instinctive approach ...

Out of Box Artist

Tony Poulson

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Tony Poulson was born and raises in the SL valley.  Doodling in class was probably on ...

Out of Box Artist

Roberto Zavala

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Zavala is a Latin American artist and architect who was profoundly impacted by the shapes ...

Out of Box Artist

Nikki Engel

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Nikki Engel is a freelance artist/art student.  She specialized in murals, portraits, ...

Out of Box Artist

Nick Franchi

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Nick Franchi was born in a little town outside of Boston called “Woooooooosta” ...

Out of Box Artist

Chris Bodily

Posted // June 26,2012  -   A Zen potter creates a thousand pots and then destroys them all. By the thousandth po ...

Out of Box Artist

Candace Jean

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Born and raised in Utah, she grew up in a creative family with five younger siblings and t ...

Out of Box Artist

Benjamin Pierson

Posted // June 26,2012  -   Benjamin “ruckus” Pierson born april 10th 1977 in seattle washington started d ...

Out of Box Artist

Annastasia Copeland-Rynders

Posted // June 26,2012  -   “Annastasia Copeland-Rynders is a local printmaker born and raised in Salt Lake City ...

Out of Box Artist

Adam Karagas

Posted // June 26,2012  -     Adam Karagas moved to Utah five years ago from his hometown on the tip of Wa ...