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5 Spot

The art of peace & aikido at Utah Aikikai

Posted // April 23,2014  - Dojo members will perform at Saturday's Nihon Matsuri festival At Utah Aikikai, you’ll find sensei Rick Berardini and senior instructor Marc Fisher ...

The Ocho

Bearing the Jazz

Posted // April 23,2014  - 8 favorable takeaways from the worst Utah Jazz season since the '80s Eight favorable takeaways from the worst Utah Jazz season since the ’80s ...


Why Stop There?

Posted // April 23,2014  -   I am happy for the Utah parents who can now obtain cannabis products that will help seizur ...


You Don’t Know Disc Golf

Posted // April 23,2014  -   Nice work alienating readers who also happen to be avid disc golfers [Hits & Misses, April ...


Public Disservice

Posted // April 23,2014  -   Rep. Greg Hughes is no fan of public transit. The only time he gets on a bus, Trax or Fron ...


All Right Then, I'll Go to Hell

Posted // April 23,2014  - Like Huck Finn, I want to be "good," but it's a hard choice I will particularly miss my favorite co-worker, Huck Finn, a 13-year-old boy with distaste ...

News Quirks

The Honeymoon Is Over

Posted // April 21,2014  -   A flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica made an unscheduled stop in Grand Cayman to hand over ...

The Straight Dope

Washing Up

Posted // April 21,2014  - Is eating soap bad for you? I was talking to someone at work who recently stayed with relatives in England, and was su ...

Free Will Astrology

April 18-24: Compensation Week

Posted // April 18,2014  - Don't lust for revenge, Aries It’s Compensation Week. If you have in the past suffered from injustice, it’s ...

5 Spot

Cat Litter From Coal Ash

Posted // April 17,2014  - Local chemist Jessica McKelvie finds purr-fect solution A Westminster grad and a cat owner, Jessica McKelvie is also a process chemist for local c ...

Private Eye

Newspaper Rap

Posted // April 16,2014  - SLC's two local dailies are more anemic than ever For the second time in less than a week, my morning newspaper has landed in near-perfect p ...

The Ocho

Cosplay This

Posted // April 16,2014  - Eight not-yet-spoken-for cosplay costume ideas for Salt Lake Comic Con's Fan Xperience Eight not-yet-spoken-for cosplay costume ideas for Salt Lake Comic Con’s Fan Xperien ...


Governments Have Total Control

Posted // April 16,2014  -   I want to comment on two letters: Engred Shlee’s concerns about modifying the climat ...


Costly “Care”

Posted // April 16,2014  -   I was reading “Young Immortal Care” about getting young people to sign up for ...


Cheap Shot

Posted // April 16,2014  -   It was with a great deal of dismay that I read Hits & Misses [April 10, City Weekly]. As a ...