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If you have already set up a profile, all you have to do is log in and click My Profile and select "Flick Clique" in the Club Categories. Make sure you select what you would be interested in and maybe give us new ideas.

If you haven't signed up for a profile, you should! The Sign Up Page is quick and easy to use and gets you access to everything that is Flick Clique and more!

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Flicks in Pieces: Cinemanachronisms

Posted // February 9,2010  -   If you're a movie-goer of a certain age, it has undoubtedly happened to you: You're watchi ...

Flick Clique

Casting Call: Will Smith

Posted // February 5,2010  -   Six photos, six roles: Can you name the Will Smith film from just one still? ...

What the Hell is a Flick Clique?
Utah--and Salt Lake City in particular--loves movies. We're home to the Sundance Film Festival. A 2005 survey by Impresa Consulting found that Salt Lake City residents went to the movies an average of 30 percent more than the typical American, and in 2007 we led the nation in per capita movie tickets sold. We can't get enough of those flickering pictures on a screen.

City Weekly's Flick Clique was created to give the movie lovers of this city and state an online community. We want to talk to you about the movies, and get you talking to each other. If you want to know when that movie you've been hearing about is going to open locally, come here. If you want to hear interviews with filmmakers, come here. If you want to get a chance to attend free movie events and win free movie stuff, come here. If you want to see the short films made by your friends and neighbors, come here.

Check back often for events, trivia and other special features to feed your movie jones. Salt Lake cinematic nirvana is just a Flick Clique away.

--Scott Renshaw, Arts & Entertainment Editor