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Welcome to Year 25 of Best of Utah

Our very first Best of Utah was only 36 pages front to back, and we spent three straight days and nights building the monster. We had 350 ballots cast. This year, we counted well over 3,000 ballots, representing nearly 100,000 individual votes. Our first issue required days of counting ballots. Today, it takes just minutes to tabulate them with our own ballot-counting software.

At 208 pages, this is our largest-ever issue. Print is dead? Nah - and many of you will save this issue as a keeper all year long. For our first Best Of, three of us wrote most of the copy in one afternoon at the home of Scott Rivers and Deborah Botte (RIP). Those days are long gone!

To the hundreds of thousands of people who have read the million or so copies we've printed of Best of Utah, we thank you. To the thousands of Best Of winners over this score and five years, as always, we congratulate and endorse you. jumpers.jpg

To the hardest-working and Best Staff at any newspaper anywhere - then, now and always - well, I love you all. Uhhhmmm. Most of you.

Oh, about these section-intro pictures - each are re-creations of posters from some of the best movies ever filmed in Utah. Brilliant, Susan!

Till next year,

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