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Sundance 2014: Day 10 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Scott Renshaw and Victor Morton wrap up Sundance 2014 reviews with a pair of sequels, African albinos and one killer performance set entirely in a car...

Sundance 2014: Day 9 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Romantic fantasy, a "comfort food" baseball story and an infomercial masquerading as a documentary are among today's batch of Sundance reviews from Sc...

Sundance 2014: Day 8 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Zombie Aubrey Plaza, a profile of an arms dealer and a great Norewegian psychological thriller are among today's Sundance capsules from Scott Renshaw ...

Sundance 2014: Day 7 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Another great documentary about Internet addiction in Asia and the discovery of a great new screen presence top today's Sundance discoveries by Scott ...

Sundance 2014: Day 6 Reviews

{Ak_posted} A narcissistic author, a mob informant and a serial killer are among the anti-heroes in today's batch of Sundance reviews from Scott Renshaw and Victo...

Sundance 2014: Day 5 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Documentaries about Roger Ebert and a college football scandal, plus a dreamlike profile of young Abraham Lincoln, all in today's Sundance reviews by ...

Sundance 2014: Day 4 reviews

{Ak_posted} A 12-years-in-the-making coming-of-age story, an old-fashioned musical and a documentary on the high cost of college are among Scott Renshaw and Victo...

Sundance 2014: Day 3 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Great documentaries about Internet addiction and Mitt Romney, plus Somali pirates and "abortion romantic comedy" in today's Sundance capsules from Sco...

Sundance 2014: Day 2 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Scott Renshaw and Victor Morton continue their festival coverage with vampires, hellions and K-Stew at Gitmo. --- Only Lovers Left Alive **** The ope...

Sundance 2014: Day 1 Reviews

{Ak_posted} Daily, throughout the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, City Weekly critic Scott Renshaw and veteran freelancer Victor Morton will be providing capsule rev...