A Load of Scrat

Ice Age: Collision Course continues a franchise only because it can.

R We There Yet?

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is another "adult" comedy that could stand to grow up a little.

Kid Stuff

Steven Spielberg's gifts shouldn't be taken for granted in The BFG.
The BFG may never be counted among Spielberg's greatest triumphs, but it shouldn't have to be, not when its own distinctive pleasures are just sitting there in front of you.

On the Surface

The Neon Demon showcases its director's superficial talents, for better or worse.
Whatever notions Refn might be flirting with about female beauty ain't exactly ground-breaking


Finding Dory misses the spark of originality Pixar is capable of at its best.
It's just hard not to realize how much more Pixar is capable of when they're not playing it safe.

Sleight Improvement

Now You See Me 2 dodges some of the original's infuriating problems.
Yet enough of the things that were painfully wrong in the original get fixed this time around that it's actually not a chore to sit through.

See Anthony Run

Weiner brilliantly captures both a specific and general political pathology.
New and freshly embarrassing photos of Weiner emerged, along with details that he had interacted with several women through a sex website

The Rule of Threes

X-Men: Apocalypse doesn't even try to be anything but more of the same.
A villain who wants to destroy everything. You know, just everything—but especially bridges and recognizable world landmarks.

Surprise Party

The Nice Guys shows off Shane Black's gift for keeping us on our toes.
Shane Black is that rare oddball who has made a successful decades-long career out of zigging when every script note says you should zag.

Where Are the Women?

A critic's year-long deep-dive into the way movies portray one half of humanity.
As a lifelong movie-lover and woman, I've had it with this state of affairs.

To Be Continued

Captain America: Civil War serves up fun and focuses on perpetuating the MCU brand.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, at this point, a self-perpetuating cycle.

Hardcore Values

Green Room packs a tense thriller with characters facing a truly edgy reality.
Green Room has gotten plenty of attention for Saulnier's chops at manufacturing pure, lowdown genre intensity

Going Bro

Richard Linklater affectionately skewers young dude-hood in Everybody Wants Some!!
On its most basic level, this is a "hang-out movie" in the spirit of Dazed and Confused, finding most of its charm and humor in the characters'

The Brand Necessities

The Jungle Book can't resist making an action-adventure tale kid-friendly.
What if Disney has taken the radical step of turning one of its animated classics into a flat-out action movie?

Nope-in' Letter

Demolition overflows with moments that never feel authentic.
Any one of a dozen individual culprits could be tabbed as Demolition's Moment of Nope

Citizenship Taste

City of Gold profiles a food writer as ambassador for the American Dream.
The sax-infused music that plays over this sequence makes it feel like something out of a gritty 1970s detective drama

Character Inaction

Terrence Malick's unique vision remains a very particular taste in Knight of Cups.
It's the story of a man—in this case, a Hollywood insider, who is apparently, at least according to the press notes, a screenwriter—at a crossroads.


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