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Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest

Simply put, yoga is a union of the self with a higher principle. In Hinduism proper, it takes on a more profound tone as a prescription of physical and mental preparations aimed at helping practitioners to liberate themselves from the ragged awfulness of the material world. In reality, though, yoga has become an increasingly popular exercise—as indicated by the sheer quantity of studios popping up about town—in which participants contort their bodies and regulate their breathing for fun, fitness and general well being.

Yoga has become so pervasive in our culture that it has taken on an omnipresent philosophical bent similar to other Eastern-oriented inspirations like Tao or Zen. For example, at the Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest, one can not only enjoy booths selling applicable wares (think pants, mats and incense) and music geared toward the inner yogi (such as Abraxas, a Carlos Santana tribute band), but can also sit in on more than 30 classes, seminars and workshops (instructor Amy Williams is pictured), such as Yoga of Dance, Yoga of Comedy, Yoga of Food and The Yoga of Stress Management.

The best part of this three-day festival, produced by the Utah Krishnas and to be held at the new Krishna temple in South Salt Lake, is that the fee to participate is minimal compared to other such events held around the country. The reason: a belief that yoga is for everybody. For all its trendiness, all you have to do is attend and strike a pose to find out if that particular maxim is true. (Jacob Stringer)

Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest @ Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, 965 E. 3370 South, 801-487-4005, Sept. 3-5, Saturday & Sunday 12-9 p.m., Monday 12-4 p.m., $25 three-day pass, single-entry and multiple-entry passes available.

Date: Sep 5, 2011
Time: No -
Phone: 801-487-4005
Address: 965 East 3370 South, Salt Lake City, 84106
Where: Salt Lake Krishna Temple