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Reflections: A Menagerie of new Work by Candace Jean

Candace Jean Anderson lives in a fairy-tale world—or, at least, her artwork does. As a young mother, she creates a world seen through the eyes of a child—she chose the title Reflections as a reminder of school-age art competitions—but her work also has the look of another time. A Victorian sensibility inhabits her drawings and watercolors, which also hearken back to Beatrix Potter children’s books and the wide-eyed portraits of ‘60s artist Margaret Keane.

Her first solo show evidences a confident aesthetic. Her Tiny Color series of new pieces was created without preliminary sketches and, though diminutive in size, are strong in color and detail. The Victorian appetite extends to notecards—who sends notecards anymore? Anderson is an emerging artist who’s certain to be seen more. If she has her way, it would be illustrating children’s books. (Brian Staker)

Reflections: A Menagerie of New Work by Candace Jean @ Blonde Grizzly, 15 E. 400 South, 801-355-9075, through July 8, free.

Date: Jul 8, 2011
Phone: 801-355-9075
Address: 213 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, 84111
Where: Blonde Grizzly