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Marc Broussard, Matt Hires

It’s impossible to listen to Marc Broussard without hearing hints of his Bayou upbringing. No, he’s not scratching on a washboard, Cajun-style; he’s far too suave for that. But his growling vocals and bluesy guitar work show Broussard is a man steeped in American music history, and that history is no more alive than in New Orleans and its surrounding communities. Blues, soul, R&B, gospel and funk are all there in Broussard’s music, just as they were in the songs of his celebrated guitar-playin’ papa Ted Broussard. The son learned well from the father, and Marc Broussard’s new self-titled set is another step in what, so far, is a pretty exciting musical path being blazed by the man. Matt Hires opens the show. The State Room, 638 S. State, 9 p.m., $20 advance/$25 night of show

Date: Jul 1, 2011
Time: 9 p.m.
Phone: 800-501-2885
Address: 638 South State Street, Salt Lake City, 84111
Where: The State Room