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Fauna released one of the most intriguing local albums of 2010, and if you’ve yet to hear Puddles Into Rapids, consider this a hearty recommendation to correct that mistake. But if you go see the band live—and you can consider this another hearty recommendation to do just that—you won’t exactly be hearing the band that recorded Puddles; it will be an expanded version that includes the crew on the CD plus members that joined and expanded the band’s sound in new directions in the time since the album was completed. You’ll get touches of folk, jazz and hip-hop over the course of a Fauna show. What you won’t ever get is bored. General Harrison joins Fauna on this show’s bill. Piper Down, 1492 S. State, 9 p.m., cover t.b.a.

Date: Jan 13, 2011
Time: 9 p.m.
Phone: 801-468-1492
Address: 1492 S. State, Salt Lake City, 84115
Where: Piper Down An Olde World Pub