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Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

Prepare to shake your tail feathers, as the 14th annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is upon us. Feast your eyes on exotic birds and raptors that call Utah home. Expert field-trip guides will take you into area hot spots, help you navigate the geology of the Great Basin, and explore “behind the gates”—an area not open to the public.

Bird expert turned Hollywood film subject Greg Miller is the keynote speaker on Friday and Saturday and will educate and entertain you on the world of competitive birding. (After that experience, you may want to catch Jack Black’s portrayal of the character inspired by Miller in the comedy film, The Big Year). If day trips are not enough to get your fill of birds, plan on participating in the Big Stay at Farmington Bay, a bird lovers sleepover. Spend 24 hours with fellow bird lovers while lying in wait for species that cruise at night or that seldom make appearances during the daylight hours. (Aimee Cook O’Brien)

Date: May 17, 2012
Phone: 801-451-3286
Address: 151 S. 1100 W., Farmington, 84025
Where: Davis County Event Center