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Jung Society of Utah presents: Imaginal Love-a workshop to exercise the imagination

Imaginal LovennOne way to see imaginal love is the 'sense of total immersion in the full range of being, that is common to the peoples of non-technological cultures, to artists and to mystics'. They share a heightened awareness of the uniqueness of the individual thing which "commands a focus on the singularity of the object to such a degree that everything seems at once marvelous, strange, familiar and unexpected. No category can exhaust such an object; it saturates the perceiving subject." The artist shares a focus on the individual object with the ordinary man, "but for him the object has become incandescent. He is perpetually recovering his primitivism."nnThe experience of the "satured object" and the need for a perpetual recovery of the full range of our experience of the world occupy a central place in the account of the imagination that will be developed in this workshop. We will expand our exploration by considering various understandings of creative imagination in the works of Henry Corbin, C.G. Jung, and James Hillman. Our aim will be to recapture the reality of our world through as expansive and active an exercise of the imagination as possible.nnnAll mental health professionals will receive 6 CE's for participating in this event.nnDate: Nov 16nLocation: TBDnTime: 9:00AM - 5:00PMnCost: $99 (incl. 6CE / NOT include lunch).

Date: Nov 16, 2013
Time: 9:00am-5
Phone: 801-656-8806
Address: 201 President's Circle