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27th Annual Festival of India

Utah's Krishna Temples will host the Annual India Fest¬† ‚euro;®September 28 in Spanish Fork & 29 in Salt Lake City.‚euro;®Contact: Charu Das or Vaibhavi Devi‚euro;®801.798.3559 / 801.787.1510‚euro;®utahkrishnas@gmail.comnAfter 26 increasingly successful years of India Fest, few people in Utah County are unaware that, once a year, you can go to India without spending a lot of money. You can have India right in -- of all places -- Spanish Fork! Now, this year an additional India fest will be held in Salt Lake City. The Sunday event in SLC will involve the same entertainers & Ramayana drama as in Spanish Fork, but will be held indoors for a maximum of 400 people, and, obviously, no fireworks.‚euro;®‚euro;®Over 4,000 people attended last year‚euro;ôs celebration in Spanish Fork, and the second, more modest SLC event will give a chance to visitors who want the same basic event without straying out of the city that weekend.‚euro;®‚euro;®Admission is $3.00 person/$1.00¬† children.‚euro;®‚euro;®Set around the Rajastani-style, multi-domed temple, the eight acre festival site will feature world class entertainment, cuisine, a gift shop, henna hand decorating, art, photography, cultural exhibits on India, a gala pageant of the epic Ramayana, the burning of a 20‚euro;ô high ten-headed demon named Ravana, and spectacular fireworks.n¬†nSchedule of Performancesn5:00 pm, Kirtan By Jai Krishna Das & FriendsnÔŅľn5:30 pm Sudha Kargi Dance TroupenÔŅľn6:00 pm Sri Latha Singh Dance EnsemblenÔŅľHere are the items to be performed.n1. Mallari (dance evoking a traditional temple circumnambulation ¬†of the deity preceeded by musical instruments and dance)n2. Devi Stuti ( an offering to the mother goddess)¬†n3. Muralidhara Kauthuvam ( in praise of Krishna)n4. Bala Kanaka Maya Chela ( a Thyagaraja hymn where he asks Lord Rama for compassion)n5. Rusli Radha ( a tiff between Radha and Krishna reflected in all of Brindavan/Gokul)n6. Mangalam ( a note of blessing for the whole world)‚euro;®nÔŅľnThe main event 7:00 pm,¬†will be a pageant of the world's most loved epic, the Ramayana. It culminates at 8:30 pm with the spectacular burning of the effigy of evil Ravana with flaming arrows and fireworks. *Please note this last part of the burning of the effigy and fireworks will occur only in Spanish Fork. In SLC the pageant of the Ramayana will stop short of that point. Otherwise, both day's programs will be the same.nÔŅľnThere are 400 parking spaces on the temple property. Parking is free. There is no need to park on the road, and walk a long way to the event. It is also advised to bring a blanket for sitting in the grass amphitheater and a jacket for the slight cooling after 8 pm.nnRead more:

Date: Sep 28, 2013
Time: 5 pm
Phone: 801 787-1510
Address: 311 West 8500 South