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Geek Show Podcast Fifth-Anniversary Party

Dozens of local podcasts have come and gone, but the Best Podcast (as voted by readers in City Weekly’s Best Of Utah issue) has beaten the mayfly lifespan of other shows, and is about to celebrate its five-year anniversary.

The crew has discussed Marvel and DC movies, fallen in love with Doctor Who, read indie comics until their eyes bled, fought a troll insurrection%u2028on their now-disposed forum, had beloved (and occasionally hated) panelists come and go, started a war with a cosplay site, planned out an Aquaman film starring Danny McBride and started popular catchphrases such as “Eat more ham,” “Hey, Bob” and “Geek Show says hey!” They even got a term defined for the word “blueberries” in the Urban Dictionary.

Now, they’re going to re-live it all with an audience as they record a live episode to mark the occasion at Brewvies, along with the three Tribble-centric episodes from the holy Star Trek library. (Gavin Sheehan)

Date: Apr 28, 2013
Time: 4 pm
Phone: 801-355-5500
Address: 677 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Brewvies Cinema Pub