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CWMA Showcase: Muse Music Cafe

Salt Lake City Weekly is proud to support Utah's thriving music scene with the 2013 City Weekly Music Awards!

10 local showcases will feature our list of the 25 best bands. Come out and show your support for your favorites. You can vote online at and in person and at the showcases. In person votes are more heavily weighted because we want you to come out and hear the music. Complete list of venues and line-up available at

Saturday, April 27 @ Muse Music Cafe

8:30PM Book on Tape Worm
9:30PM Golden Sun
10:30 Polytype

Doors @8PM. All Ages Show
Door price $6

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We don’t think that the “slumber-pop” band Book on Tape Worm will lull the audience to sleep at this Utah County show—quite the opposite. Their rich instrumentation and literature-inspired songs are enough to evoke wonderment and awe at the form before rockers Golden Sun take the stage. The four-piece, led by Andrew Goldring with a backing band of three brothers, crafts powerhouse jams that have been rocking the all-ages circuit hard this year. Polytype will finish by unfolding songs from Basic//Complex, the year’s best local release to date, a batch of contemporary electronic indie that shows off a mastery in the studio and offers a high re-listen value—novel and new, indeed. $6

Date: Apr 27, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Address: 151 North University Avenue, Provo, 84601
Where: Muse Music