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David Sedaris

David Sedaris has never been one to shy away from self-deprecating humor. Anything and everything that the NPR humorist and best-selling author experiences in life is fair game for the entertainment of others. He’s found a perfect way to mine some otherwise mundane daily occurrences for a story, an essay or spoken-word project. His latest collection of essays, Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, was released April 23, and contains musings on more of Sedaris’ experiences around the world, filtered through his unique view and sardonic wit.

If previous visits to Salt Lake City are any indication, almost nothing will be off-limits during his appearance at Capitol Theatre. Sedaris knows how to put on a show, which means you’ll likely hear a few passages from his latest book mixed with a little bit of pseudo-stand-up comedy and current journal entries as well. He likes to workshop material he’s currently writing, so you may get a sneak peek of something that no one else has heard yet.

As a master of satire already, Sedaris continues to improve by always finding a distinct point of view. His writing has been featured in Esquire and The New Yorker, and he’s been nominated for a Grammy Award three times.

He’s been known to take the stage early to interact with the crowd and serve as his own opening act. So, if you’ve got something you’re dying to ask him, make sure you arrive a little bit early. (Trevor Hale)

Date: Apr 28, 2013
Time: 7 pm
Phone: 801-355-2787
Address: 50 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Capitol Theatre