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Presented by Sugar Space, this evening of several distinct dance pieces will highlight a couple of local companies and choreographers who demonstrate the versatility and ingenuity inherent within Salt Lake City’s diverse dance community.

Featuring the works of Movement Forum, fivefour/Cortney McGuire & Leah Nelson DelPorto, and Samuel Hanson, this local sampler explores the depths of connections and relationships—both between individuals, and those we make with society at large. Movement Forum’s The Fence uses their hallmark improvisation engine to look at misunderstandings that cause division and contention among groups. Fivefour’s my space is sometimes yours, which originally premiered in New York City in 2006, is a silent duet that tackles the tension between wanting someone close and familiar while also being able to retain some sense of individuality. Samuel Hanson’s These are the people takes a look at how we all try to form some sense of identity through the often-perilous networks of people we choose to socialize with. (Jacob Stringer) $10-$12

Date: Apr 4, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Phone: 888-300-7898
Address: 616 E Wilmington Ave (2190 South), Salt Lake City, 84106
Where: Sugar Space