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The Soft Moon, October, Red Black Red

In the week following the world’s largest music festival, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, there’s a constant westerly flow of bands homeward bound. Luckily for SLCers, that makes for discovery of plentiful new bands this week. The Soft Moon—a project started by Luis Vasquez—is one such titillating%u2028band. Vasquez began writing—purging—music by his lonesome while locked in a small apartment. The 2010 debut was an introspective, synth-heavy, delay-friendly post-punk-meets-darkwave mix. In contrast, his sophomore release, Zeros, was written on the road with a full band, yet offers another conceptual, thoughtful—if not dark—album made for listening all the way through, from the first track to the 10th. October and Red Black Red also play. $8

Date: Mar 21, 2013
Time: 7 pm