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Fri, Feb 08Canned Heat
Sat, Feb 09Canned Heat

Canned Heat

The headliner at Woodstock in 1969, Canned Heat was founded by blues aficionados Alan Wilson and Bob Hite. The group’s stand-out hits, “On the Road Again” and “Going Up the Country” (both released in 1968), were inspired by the 1920s blues recordings of Henry Thomas and Floyd Jones, although Canned Heat’s music leans more toward modern electric blues, rock and boogie. Their band name comes from a blues song circa 1928 titled “Canned Heat Blues,” by Tommy Johnson, and is a slang term for drinking Sterno in order to get high. Band members have changed several times since the early ‘70s—Larry “The Mole” Taylor and Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra are the only members of the original lineup, with Harvey “The Snake” Mandel the next longest-tenured player. (Nicole McDonald)

Date: Feb 8, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Phone: 435-649-9371
Address: 328 Main, Park City, 84060
Where: Egyptian Theatre