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Audubon Society: Christmas Bird Count

Whether you’re a competitive birder getting a start on your Big Year or an amateur who simply enjoys the company of fine feathered friends, the Audubon Society’s 113th-annual Christmas Bird Count offers an opportunity to start off the new year with a good deed—and have a bit of fun doing it. Volunteer participants in the annual wildlife census contribute valuable data to conservation efforts, helping to ensure the ongoing health and sustainability of the wild bird population throughout North America. Participation is free, and open to beginner, intermediate and expert birders.

For Salt Lakers who have never ventured to Midway, your best bet is to take Interstate 80 eastbound past Kimball Junction, where you would normally exit for Park City. Continue on to exit 146 and head south on Highway 189 (Highway 40 southbound). Eventually, possibly with the aid of helpful hints from hardy locals, you should arrive at Wasatch Mountain State Park. (Brandon Burt)

Date: Jan 5, 2013
Time: 8 am
Phone: 435-654-1791
Address: 1281 S. Warm Springs Road, Midway, 84049
Where: Wasatch Mountain State Park Visitor Center