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World Championship Ice Racing

Three words: “motorcycles on ice.” Why would you need to know more than that? There are people riding motorcycles, where there’s already an issue with balance, combined with ice, where there’s even more of an issue with balance. They go around a track on a hockey rink, sort of like short-track speed-skating but with really big, powerful skates. How are you not getting a full evening of entertainment based on that premise?

If you’re one of the stick-in-the-mud types who needs more info before you’ll commit, International Championship Events—ICE, get it?—has been holding world championships in racing motorcycles on frozen surfaces for 37 years; Utah’s stops are just two of many rounds on the championship tour. The top riders on the tour have names nicknames like “The Viking,” “Freight Train” and “Wild Child.” Are you really going to skip the chance to watch “Wild Child” and “Freight Train” ride motorcycles on ice? (Geoff Griffin)

Date: Jan 4, 2013
Time: 7 pm
Phone: 800-745-3000
Address: 3200 S. Decker Lake Dr, West Valley City, 84119
Where: Maverik Center