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Tom Green

Tom Green has done many things in his life that are unforgettable, mostly for their oddball, shocking nature. But that’s not where Green started, and not really where he aimed to end up, if you look at his overall comedic trajectory. In fact, he started out doing pretty straight stand-up in Canada, and for the past few years, he’s gone back to that routine almost exclusively. But it’s hard to forget how Green’s turn on MTV directly led to shows like Jackass and all that its aptly named practitioners foisted upon an unsuspecting world. So, you can’t help but periodically curse Green for popularizing a specific brand of gross-out humor and attention-grabbing schemes—like a short-lived and public marriage to actress Drew Barrymore in which they pretended to get married on Saturday Night Live, or the time he televised his triumphant struggle with testicular cancer, or being the first performer ever to show up in person to accept his numerous%u2028Golden Raspberry Awards for his panned film Freddy Got Fingered. But, as noted, focusing on those things is to acknowledge only one dimension of the enigmatic entertainer. He’s also been an acclaimed rapper(?), he guest-hosted Late Night With David Letterman, and he even claims to have invented planking in 1994. For all the shocking%u2028pranks he has pulled upon the world, Green isn’t necessarily a jackass. He’s simply a grown-up stand-up who simply used to act like one in his youth. And, yes, occasionally still does. (Jacob Stringer)

Date: Dec 8, 2012
Time: Times Vary
Phone: 801-463-2909
Address: 2194 West 3500 South, Salt Lake City, 84119
Where: Wiseguys Comedy West Valley