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Brian Regan

It isn’t really possible that comedian Brian Regan is 55 years old, is it? His boyish appearance and the goofy energy with which he delivers his material in live performances makes it hard to believe that he’s been around that long.

But Regan has indeed been working the stand-up life for more than 30 years, even if he didn’t really break through to mainstream recognition and success until the mid-’90s. Since then, with discs like Brian Regan Live and I Walked on the Moon—plus Comedy Central specials including The Epitome of Hyperbole—Regan has become one of those “comics’ comics,” a professional whose unique style and crossover appeal makes him one of comedy’s most respected practitioners.

His latest CD, 2011’s All By Myself, finds Regan pondering exactly the kind of things that a 50-something guy might be expected to have on his mind, like the slow disintegration of his body (“Ah, my hip hurts—I guess forever.”), suddenly noticing commercials for hearing devices on television (“Hey … might help my bingo game!”), as well as the perils of parenthood (“My wife and I, we have two wonderful kids. And another kid.”). Yet, he’s still the guy who can bring a singular delivery to old-school observational bits like the frustration of a server who can’t understand a simple coffee order.

Regan stops in Logan this week for five shows, visiting a state that has long supported him for his generally family-friendly material. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been that long … (Scott Renshaw)

Date: Nov 29, 2012
Phone: 435-752-0026
Address: 43 S Main, Logan, 84321
Where: Ellen Eccles Theatre