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Zappa Plays Zappa

Here’s one thing you might not be hearing about Dec. 21, the apocalyptic day some say the Mayans predicted: It would have been Frank Zappa’s 72nd birthday. The prophecy is one of the most confounding predictions ever—at least to my feeble non-Mayan mind. And Zappa’s music is some of the most confounding avant-rock ever composed. Bottom line: Zappa is way more fun than the apocalypse. Dweezil Zappa, with his stellar backup band, unleashes many of the off-the-wall compositions by his father in Zappa Plays Zappa. This tour, they will be “playing a show that could be best described as a ‘decades show,’ a selection of material from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and will be premiering some more new material we have never performed before, including an orchestral piece that I have wanted to play since I started this project in 2006. Think 200 Motels,” Zappa says.

Date: Dec 18, 2012
Time: 9 pm
Phone: 801-355-5522
Address: 400 W. South Temple, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: The Depot