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Rachael Carver: Life, in an Eggshell

Ikebana (living flowers), also known as kade (the way of flowers), is the art of Japanese flower arranging. Artist Rachael Carver may take some cues from this ancient practice, but she isn’t content simply arranging flowers. For her, the use of plants in sculpture “is about nature, life, growth and birth. It is about respecting and appreciating life.” Each little shadowbox feels like a careful study of the fragility of life done in plants on the half shell. In fact, if you stand across the room, each individual sculpture reads as a still life composed of colors, leaves and natural textures. Only upon closer %u2028examination do you find that each box contains actual living plants, growing out of a suspended eggshell containing just a bit of soil. In creating the work, Carver says she “realized the balance needed when using living plants in sculpture, how their %u2028natural form influences the design, and how although you can use and manipulate it in some ways, it really can’t be controlled.” (Jacob Stringer)

Date: Dec 3, 2012
Phone: 801-322-0735
Address: 390 E. 1700 South, Salt Lake City, 84115
Where: Alchemy Coffee